STEM & Urban Challenge

Deadline March 14th. 2019


What is this all about?

  • There are x2 challenges starting from January 2019. Both have the deadline of March 14th.

  • You can work towards the pure STEM challenge or work on the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce challenge - or combine both and think of STEM solution to the Salisbury challenge.

If you are interested in either challenge, please join Google Classroom code and you will be kept up to date:


STEM & Urban Challenge

STEM Fair Challenge

The annual STEM Fair Challenge is where you choose something to research, then you showcase your findings.

There will be lots of people from industry and universities visiting that day to see your work and an overall winner will be chosen - with prizes!

Previous ideas have been pretty unique:

  • How many Skittles would it take to fill the Atlantic Ocean?
  • Does playing computer games effect your sleep?
  • How does body size affect how loud you can play drums?
  • What heavy metal affects a Petunia the most?
  • Is it possible to create an AI machine that plays TikTakToe?

What will be your hypothesis?

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Future Salisbury Challenge

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry would like young minds like you to think about ways to make Salisbury better in the future.

The recent global coverage of Salisbury is not good. The Novichok incident has had a significant impact on business in Salisbury.

How can you help Salisbury improve its image globally and improve the lives and businesses in Salisbury.

Previous submissions from schools in the area include improving cycle paths, create an app that tracks buses etc. etc. <yawn>

We can do better.

Remember, run with the herd guarantees mediocrity. Dare to be different.