You have x4 hours to produce one of these:

Hackathon timings:

Coding starts at 9:30

Coding ends at 1:30

A game

Do you like playing computer games? Why not create one yourself?

A story/cartoon

Do you have a story to tell? Why not create a cartoon in Scratch that tells this story.

A presentation

Are you an expert about something? Why not tell others about it by creating a presentation using Scratch? It could also be interactive!


There are no rules other than...

Your code must include at least one of each of The x4 Principles of Coding:

  • Variables
  • Input/Output
  • Loops
  • Decisions

[Bonus points will be given for use of sub-routines]

You can use:


Scores will be given based on the following assessment:


  • Amount of cash earned from consultation and given by judges due to good ideas / practice / sportsmanship


  • Discretionary points from judges based on attitude, effort and resilience shown throughout
  • Groups using Microbit will be looked upon favourably

The judges decision is final

scratchHelp: "The x4 Principles of Coding"

1) Variables

    • Variables are place-holders that can store a value that can be changed
    • They enable a computer to remember things
    • Used in maths: if x = 3 and y = x+2 what is the value of y?
    • Used in computer game code: playerName = "John"
How to create a variable

2) Input/Output

    • Telling a computer something (input)
    • Enabling a computer to tell you something (output)
How to use Input/Output

3) Loops or repeating instructions

    • There are two ways to repeat instructions:
      • Repeat loop (aka For loop)
        • loop a specified number of times
      • Repeat Until loop (aka While loop)
        • loop until something is true

N.B. You only need to include a "Repeat" loop OR a "Repeat Until" loop - NOT both

How to use loops

4) Decisions

IF <something is true> THEN 
   <do something> 
   <do something else> 

  • eg. IF itIsRaining() THEN wearAHat() END IF
How to use loops


If you write your solution in Scratch then you can send your parents/carers/friends a copy to check out!

How to share your Scratch app