The 3rd generation User Interface (UI)

BBC article on ChatBots - CLICK HERE

ChatBots are here. We currently talk to them by typing, and they tend to be created for a specific purpose. However, when we can "talk" to them and they can access solutions to "any" problems, they will start to become a very powerful digital assistant.

Google have also created an explanation video - CLICK HERE

In this topic we will study:

  • Human/Computer interaction: User Interface design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • ChatBots
  • Program design using Flowcharts
  • Scratch coding practice
  • Computational Thinking and solving problems using technology

Computer Scientists used to have a nerdy image. This was because we understood how to talk to computers when others did not. We learned how to speak "computer" using commands (CLI) and onlookers thought we were magicians. We are not.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) made computers easier to use and more people started using them. But there is still some level of learning to do in order to make a computer work for you.

What could be done so that computers are accessible to everyone? ChatBots.

Task 1 - Create a simple ChatBot.

Using the 'Solution Cycle', plan a simple ChatBot for a new student at your school.

What questions will it be able to answer?

  • What time is break?
  • How much lunch costs?
  • How many lessons per day?

Once planned, create it in Scratch. Marks will be awarded for using the 'x4 Principles of Coding' and the 'x4 Sexy Code Rules'.

20 million people in China use a ChatBot as their primary friend.

Could a person have a relationship with a ChatBot? Could it solve loneliness?

But what if the power was switched off?

What if it got "upgraded" and changed?

What if it just stopped...?

ps. Check out "Him" too - CLICK HERE

MUD: CLI ChatBots

Task 2 - Create a MUD (Multi User Dungeon)

A MUD is a game that asks the user to type in commands. It is not graphical, it is all in the users imagination.

To write this MUD we will use Python 3.

Sign up to using your school Google account.

Natural language ChatBots

Task 3 - Create a more sophisticated ChatBot.

Sign up to: (using your school Google account)

<Under construction>

There are lots of large tech companies that have developed an AI engine and offer it for anyone to use. Some charge, others (Facebook) make money out of people using their system and giving lots of user data.

Watson is becoming very powerful in answering natural language based questions - CLICK HERE

IBM also provide a chatbot interface for Watson called "Watson Conversation"

Task 3