The BBC Microbit

MicroBit coding site - CLICK HERE

BBC MicroBit

The Microbit is a small microcontroller with some useful components on such as accelerometers, gyroscope, bluetooth capability, a thermometer, buttons, LED array display and radio capability.

Python on the BBC Microbit

The Microbit can be programmed using Python - CLICK HERE for the documentation.

Micro:bit projects

Rock, paper, scissors

#learning #THINKCT How to use Computational Thinking steps to develop a coded solution

All students will know the process of creating a coded solution using Computational Thinking.

Most students will accurately copy an example analysis and design for a simple Rock, Paper, Scissors game and thus understand the expectation of how to comprehend a problem and use CT to develop a plan to solve it.

Some students will add extra details to their analysis and design in order to create a more comprehensive and detailed report.

Microbit Challenges

Other tutorials

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Radio gaga - CLICK HERE