Code Novice Dojo

From Scratch to Python 3

Bonjour! / Hello

Cómo estás / How are you?

Signallampen / Indicators

Just as we can express the same things in different natural languages, we can express the same things in formal coding lanaguages.

You will now learn how to code in Python. Python is a very popular language in the World, used by companies large and small.

You will see The x4 Principles of Coding and The x4 Sexy Code Rules apply just as much in Python as they did in Scratch.

The x4 Principles of Coding

  • Variables
  • Input/Output
  • Loops
  • Decisions

The x4 Sexy Code Rules

  1. Use descriptive names for all sprites, variables and subroutines
  2. Convert repeated instructions into loops
  3. Convert repeated functionality into subroutines
  4. Comment code

Code Novice: Dojo training sessions

Lesson #2

Lesson #3

Python 3 Spirograph

Debugging Challenges

Pseudocode Challenges

Python Challenges

MetaCog checklist: For each coding challenge…

  • Variables (when naming, dontForgetYourCamel and Sexy Code Rule #1)
  • Input / Output (text/strings or number/integers?)
  • Decisions (IFTTT)
  • Loops (While or For?)

You now have now skills and experience with Python 3. Use those skills and experience to complete these challenges.

  • Open with Novice Dojo Challenge Sheet 1.
  • Read the challenge
  • Write and run your solution
  • Then copy the code into the answer section on the form.
  • Don't forget to 'submit' your form if you want to stop.
  • If you finish all challenges, move onto Challenge Sheet 2.

Good luck!

Code Novice: Dojo skills test

Once you are confident in the Novice Dojo, test yourself in grading test.

If you complete this test without using help you can consider yourself a Code Ninja.