Code Ninja Dojo

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An online IDE (Integrated Development Environment - What is this? CLICK HERE)

N.B. If you have not already done so, you need to join your class by clicking the link in Google Classroom.

Code Ninja: Dojo training sessions

You are now Code Ninja. This means you are confident writing new code that outputs messages to the screen and asking the user to enter text or numbers.

You must now build upon these skills and write your own code and where necessary, use SC Rule#2...

...focusing on decisions (IFTTT) and loops (iteration) .

Code Ninja: Dojo skills tests

Test 1: Code Ninja: Skills test #1 (venue t.b.c)

Test 2: Code Ninja: Skills test #1 (venue t.b.c)

If you have completed these tests without help you can consider yourself a Code Master. Congratulations.