Path of coding progress

Reflect upon your skills.

Look ahead to greater challenges.

Become a Master to become ready for the final challenge (GCSE)

Code Novice

Stage 1

To begin your journey you must practice key skills by working on existing code written by Masters.

This code will be based upon the x4 Principles of Coding (variables, I/O, IFTTT, loops).

You must develop the following skills:

  • Accurately copying existing code
  • Modifying existing code to make it work (Novice debug)
  • Extending existing code to change it slightly

Stage 2

Developing upon Stage 1 skills...

...you will now focus on writing new, original code...

...using INPUT and OUTPUT whilst not forgetting Sexy Code Rule #1 (variable names must describe what they store).

You must develop the following skills:

  • Write new code that displays messages on the screen (output)
  • Write new code that also asks for text to be entered and stored in appropriately named variables
  • Write new code that also asks for numbers to be entered and stored in appropriate named variables

Code Novice: CLICK HERE to enter the training Dojo

Code Ninja

Congratulations. You are now a Code Ninja and well on your way to becoming a Code Master.

Your skills now include:

  • Copying code accurately
  • Creating and naming variables (Sexy Code Rule #1)
  • Outputting messages to the screen
  • Asking the user to enter text or numbers
  • Debug skills #1

You must now build upon these skills and write your own code and where necessary, use Sexy Code Rule #2 (convert repeated instructions into loops)...

...focusing on IFTTT (decisions) and loops (iteration) .

You must develop the following skills:

  • Modify existing buggy code, that includes IF's and loops, and make it work (Ninja debug)
  • Write code that includes the appropriate type of loop (FOR or WHILE)
  • Write code that can make decisions based on a TRUE or FALSE condition (IFTTT)

Code Ninja: CLICK HERE to enter the training Dojo

Code Master (GCSE level)

Skills required for the NEA:

  • x4 Principles of Coding
    • Using variables
    • Asking for input and displaying output
    • Using FOR and WHILE loops
    • Enabling the code to make decisions (IFTTT)

  • x4 Sexy Code rules
    • Using appropriate variable names
    • Converting repeated instructions into loops
    • Converting repeated functionality into sub-routines
    • Using comments to structure and explain code

  • Master level skills:
    • Text file handling
    • Handling data in lists
    • String slicing
    • Data validation
    • Problem analysis
      • Breaking a problem into input / processing / output
    • Solution design
      • Using pseudocode or flowchart to describe your plan
    • System testing
      • Normal test data
      • Extreme test data
      • Erroneous test data
    • System evaluation
      • Does the system meet the requirements?

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