Trademark Renewal in UAE

Get Trademark Renewed In Time To Avoid Business Related Risks

Running a company can be tough. There are many risks that are associated with the business. When people hear about risks, all that people think about is related to monetary risks, frauds, losses and much more. People often overlook duplicity as a risk. Yes, your company may be at high risk of losing its identity if it does not have a trademark registration. Even if you have registered, do not sit back. Check if the trademark is valid.

Why You Need Trademark Renewal?

Your company can face the same amount of risks if your company’s trademark registration is expired or is about to expire as it would have faced without a registration. You need to keep a check on the validity of the trademark otherwise you might face some troubles while late trademark renewal in UAE. Here is a list of complications that you might face if you do not get you UAE trademark renewal in time:

Your Trademark Can Be Taken

If your trademark registration is expired, other businessmen are free to copy your brand logo, name, the design of the products and a lot more. Also, if they get it to register before you renew the registration; you would be at fault and can even face legal action on the charges of copying from the brand. Now, it would not be good to face copying charges for your own design. Therefore, it is advised to get you renewal done in time.

You Might Not Be Allowed To Renew

If some other brand has already registered for your company name and your brand logo, you might be denied to renew the trademark for your original design. It is so because in legal terms, you were not protected and that the company had the right to opt for the change. This can lead to a loss of profits in business. There have been cases in which a company lost all its fortune because of expired trademark registration.

Check The Validity Of The Company

You should always stay alert about the validity of your company’s trademark registration. You should apply for the renewal procedure six months prior to the expiry date as it can be a lengthy process depending upon the officials. Stay on the safer side. Do not risk everything that you have worked for in your life.

There are various companies that can help you in trademark renewal in UAE. However, you need to be alert about the agents as this is a business where they try to make out a lot of money for very little service. For the best UAE trademark renewal, get in touch with Trademarks. They have the best quality services and try to get your trademark renewed as quickly as possible.