Trade Impressio is a global Lego-business solutions, established in 2003, providing quality legal services internationally specifically tailored to meet both domestic and international clients. Our practices include all IP matters, with more extensive specialty in filing, prosecuting and registering Patents, Trade Marks, Industrial Designs and Copyrights including renewals, licensing and enforcement. We have an eminent and diverse team of well-qualified professionals possessing vast knowledge and substantial experience in IP law and practices.We are also associated to law firms in UAE, US, UK, Ireland, China, Taiwan, Chennai, Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Maldives helping us extending our operations to these Asian countries as well. Our corporate office situates in Manjeri nearby Calicut Airport in God's Own Country, Kerala, India.Our trade consists of several large global and Indian companies representing a extensive scale of industries including Health Care, Electronics, Consumer Goods, Industrial Goods, Technology, Financial Institutions, Hospitality, and Entertainment. The firm has an extensive intellectual capital in all the aspects related to Trademark registrations, patent registrations, Logo designing, Brand and trade name suggestion and IP monetization as well as in Licensing and franchising. We also have strong legal protection for protecting the brand identity in the business world.Our passion is to see our clients succeed, scale and defeat their competition. . We, at Trade Impressio are committed in providing customer oriented IP legal services efficiently and economically by strictly adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards. We remain dedicated in placing our priorities and resources for identifying, analysing and resolving the specific needs of our clients, so that they may enjoy the best legal protection for their intellectual property. We accomplish this by providing fast trademark registrations with all relevant data, distinctive brand names, Exceptional brand logos with the help of our innovative employee and staffs.We dealt with filing of applications and further actions, sending trademark caution notices, appeal proceedings, protection of rights of a registered user, filing oppositions, filing applications for rectification from the register in trademark registry, Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB), trademark searches, and drafting of all kind of contracts related to IP matters. We protect the trade mark and goodwill of our clients and ensure that your brand is kept safe and sound. We can advice you on national and international ground-breaking commercial business and Legal business solutions.Our center of attention is to deliver value of our clients by understanding their minds, hearts, issues and interests by taking their reputation and self-esteem into account. Understanding the challenges and opportunities our clients face, enables us to create business and innovative solutions to meet all their satisfactory needs. We are in the sole position of being able to counsel and help several companies at all stages of intellectual property and trade safety, from initial brand creation through, brand protection to product launch, national to international development and beyond success. We still guide small firms and consultancies to ensure their recognition in this fast growing industrial business world.