You can read testimonials of my work here and on my LinkedIn profile page.

"Tracy has been working with me on my resume for graduate school in environmental management. She made sure to not only understand the schools I was applying to and their requirements, but even what career trajectory I am hoping to pursue using the degree. I feel confident that my resume is well-tailored to best reflect my relevant experiences in a way that only an outside perspective like Tracy's can provide." - Teacher, December 2017

"I recently worked with Tracy over the course of a few months while I was looking to change jobs. Without knowing exactly what I wanted to do (or where), Tracy helped me start at square one to figure out a few options that would be best for me. It was clear from our initial exercises that Tracy had a plan she felt comfortable with to get things started, but from there she was very flexible and patient with how I was feeling about our meetings, which I appreciated very much. I left our meetings with a much better understanding of myself, and ultimately, with a new job. Anyone lucky enough to work with her can expect the same results." - Engineer, June 2017

"Tracy has not only has given me great professional advice but has also dedicated time to help me with making my resume stronger and providing me with useful information that will aid in my continuous job search. She is a good listener and very passionate about what she does. I would recommend Tracy to any of my friends and/or family that need assistance with their career paths!" - Marketing Associate, December 2015

"It's common knowledge that if Tracy hasn't looked over your resume, it isn't really finished. Tracy is not only a skilled recruiter and career coach, but a wonderful, inspiring person who approaches life -- and each challenge -- with a can't-lose attitude. She's a gifted writer, speaker and marketer, a voracious reader and athlete, and a talented baker. So many are glad they've relied on her expertise. " - Director of Technology and Digital Communications, February 2012