TP Link Extender Setup - Procedure to Set up Your TP Link Range Extender

Are you looking for a simple TP Link Extender setup procedure? You have landed at the right place. This write-up introduces the complete extender setup procedure with easy-to-follow steps.

Do you lose the Wi-Fi connection while roaming around your home or office? Or your devices don’t detect Wi-Fi in certain areas of your home like your balcony, bedroom, etc. It mostly happens due to the weak signals of your router. Often, the internet signals being transmitted from your router get distorted due to many physical obstructions like thick walls, furniture, floors, etc. However, fortunately, you can get rid of these hindrances and experience a smooth internet connection all across your home with the help of your TP Link extender. Its robust and powerful technology boosts the existing Wi-Fi in your home or office by receiving the wireless signals from the router and repeating them.

Hence, you can eliminate or remove all dead zones and enjoy unprecedented internet connectivity throughout your home or office. All you need to do is set up your TP Link extender and connect it with your primary router to enhance its signals. Therefore, we have given the complete TP Link extender setup in this write-up to help you perform the setup easily.

TP Link Extender Setup Procedure

You can easily set up your TP Link Extender using the guidelines and instructions we have given below:-

  • Note: Ensure that you have connected your primary router with the modem by an Ethernet cable.

  • After connecting the router and modem, you should plug your TP Link extender into a wall socket.

  • In the next step of the TP Link extender setup, you should use an Ethernet cable to connect your extender with the computer.

  • Now, with on the extender and your PC.

  • Then, launch your internet browser to visit the official login page TP Link extender setup via

  • Thus, enter the above link in the browser’s address bar and press enter.

  • Now, the official webpage of the extender setup will appear on the screen.

  • Here, you should enter the login credentials of the extender.

  • Note: the default login ID and password of the TP Link extender setup are “Admin.”

  • Thus, enter the credentials and hit “login.”

  • Now, you have successfully logged in to your TP Link extender setup page.

  • After logging in to the account, navigate to the “Quick Setup” option.

  • Hit the “Next” button.

  • Now, you’ll be taken to the next window.

  • Here, you are prompted to select your region. Thus, choose your region and click on the “Next” tab.

  • After this, the setup will run a scan to detect all the available wireless router networks in the area.

  • Now, the available network list will open your computer screen.

  • From this list, you should select your router network and click on it.

  • Now, you will be taken to the next window.

  • Here, you should enter your router login ID and password.

  • In the next step of the TP Link extender setup, you should click on the “next” button.

  • Now the next window will open on the screen.

  • Note: Two options are given on this page- the “Copy” and “Customize” options. Thus, if you want to have a single extensive network via TP Link extender set up, you should click on the “Copy” button. If you need to create a different network, you should select “Customize.”

  • After selecting your preferred option, you should tap on the “Next” tab.

  • Now, you should cross-check the details and click on the edit button any changes are required.

In the end, you should hit the “Finish” button to wrap up the TP Link Extender setup.

TP Link setup issues and troubleshooting

In this section of this blog, we have discussed a few of the common errors that users face while setting up their TP Link extender. Along with this, we have also given the troubleshooting tips to resolve these errors:-

  • Sometimes users can’t access the page, due to which they can’t log in to their extender setup to perform TP Link extender setup. In this case, they must make sure that their device is directly connected to their range extender.

  • You can access the IP address of your range extender.

  • Note: All the users who don’t know their extender’s IP address must check the DHCP list of the router.

  • You can also clear the cache memory of your computer and then connect it to the extender.

  • Also, check whether you are writing the correct web address or not. The incorrect URL address will redirect you to the wrong page.

This write-up includes the step-wise procedure for the TP Link Extender setup. Along with this, we have also discussed a few of the most common issues that users face while setting up their extender, as well as some troubleshooting tips. Thus, with the help of the information given in this blog, you can easily set up your range extender without facing any errors.