Part of our mission is the preservation of all scales and gauges.

This is a very rare MTC (Miniature Train Company) 12" gauge F7 diesel locomotive (also known as an ADDISON TRAIN). As far as we know there are only 3 of these unique park ride trains still operating in a public venue.

This train in small enough for "little" engineers to operate and is very popular with the under ten set. We allow the "guest" engineer to operate the train unassisted as its very simple to drive, (no steering required). This is as popular with girls as it is with boys.

NOTICE THE PROTOTYPE RAILROAD ROADBED IN THE BACKGROUND? That's the Golden State Route now owned by the UNION PACIFIC. Locally known as the Tucumcari Cut Off. The Depot is a terrific place to watch trains, The UNION PACIFIC Railroad operates as many as 25 trains a day through Alamogordo. Unit trains of coal, wheat, automobiles and double stack containers, as well as mixed freight, local switching at our saw mill and even the business train rolls through.

UNION PACIFIC Executive's Train on the Golden State Route Alamogordo New Mexico at 6am. Just a lucky shot on my part.

Come by the Depot and we'll tell you the story of the little girl that was made to go last by her older brothers. Revenge is sweet.