16" Track Spacing was also used in mining and other tunneling operation, but is primarily a Park Ride gauge. We are AMERICA'S NATIONAL PARK RIDE TRAIN MUSEUM.

Come visit us.

We have three MTC (Miniature Train Company) G-16 Diesel replica F7s, one MTC S-16 Steam replica Park Ride Train, as well as a very rare G-12 MTC 12" ride (also known as an ADDISON TRAIN). We operate our train as close as possible to real (prototype) trains, with moving meets on the passing sidings with all 16" trains.

The MTC rides of the Alamogordo/Alameda Narrow Gauge Railway located adjacent to the TOY TRAIN DEPOT in Alamogordo are 16" rides. The A/A.N.G.R is a lovely 10 scale mile shaded ride under 100 year old Cottonwood Trees to:

North Loop

Live Tree


Dead Grass

Among the many attraction at the Toy Train Depot is the

Alamogordo/Alameda Narrow Gauge Railway, home of


This is a 16" M.T.C. model of an F7 Diesel painted in the Union Pacific Armour Yellow paint scheme. The 1/5 scale train ride weighs in at over 2 tons and can haul 48 children or 24 adults in the three passenger cars.

The Toy Train Depot also has an M.T.C. replica 16" F7 with three passenger cars painted in the Baltimore and Ohio color scheme as well as our latest find, an abused but restorable F7 in Western Pacific colors.

Train rides tickets are available at the Depot. Rides are schedualed every quarter hour, Wednesday-Sunday 12:30pm to 4:30pm. (But Lee has been known to take passengers whenever they're ready and throw the time table out the window.) However the last train is run promptly at 4:30pm

Tourist from the U.K. enjoying a ride on the 1865 Old Lady Express.

The 12" Addison Train

This blue and yellow 12" gauge train is one of only three located in a public venue.

This is a later shot of our backshop. Chief Engineer Lee Bohanon is finishing grading the second siding into our two bay engine house. Now he can finish twice as much work at one time as before, but don't tell him that, he already works 160 hours a week.