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Getting to Know Toyota Hilux

Globally recognised as one of the leading car manufacturers with renowned models such as the Prado, the Hilux and the Corolla; Toyota is the 10th largest company in the world based on its annual revenue and has been responsible for developing some of the most reliable vehicles on the market. This Japanese firm can trace its route back to 1937, where local mechanics and engineers began designing and producing cars for local markets, before going on to expand to encompass a world-wide audience.

Are Toyota cars good?

Ranked amongst the top vehicles in the world for safety, affordability and performance – Toyota cars are widely considered some of the best on the market, including the new Toyota HiLux. This is according to personal owners, retailers, dealerships, mechanics and engineers. In fact, the Toyota brand boasts such a high level of satisfaction that they are often the go-to service for other vehicle agencies in need of newer and more exciting road-worthy technologies.

Many people don’t realise just how far the Toyota brand actually reaches, but the truth is that their subsidiary companies include the well-known Lexus brand, Daihatsu (previously producing Toyota vehicles), Subaru and Hino. With some of the world’s most reputable engineers and vehicle specialists comprising their team of almost 400,000 employees around the globe; it’s safe to say that buying a Toyota car can be as reassuring as it is expertly endorsed.

Does this include all of Toyota cars?

Unlike other vehicle manufacturers that create cars to suit specific markets (which as expected can lead to a reduction in quality depending on the model), Toyota expose all of their products to the same level of testing no matter the final pricing. What this means is that even an entry level car will have been subjected to the same quality control as a much higher-end alternative.

This is a feature that Toyota have practiced since their early incorporation and it’s part of the reason why the brand boasts some of the most reliable cars on the market. Japan as a nation is well-known for producing high quality vehicles and Toyota aren’t the only brand to do so. But when it comes to reliability and performance, very few can match them.

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