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Support the BIG D Band

We love our Big D Band and are proud to support the work they've done this year even with the challenges of virtual music practice! Show up to support the first and only Big D Band, Drumline, and Jazz Ensemble concerts of the year.

May 21, 2021


Townview Center, Student Parking Lot

$5 per person


The weekly library podcast featuring students, staff + ideas around campus.

All Townview students are welcome to join bookclub! Virtual, twice a month, chatty.

We buy books. You read them! Bookstack is our Youtube series devoted to showing you stacks of new (and curated) books.

We are experts at research, writing, and teaching. We can 1-on-1 tutor or lead a class.

A mini-workshop mindfulness series every morning in the library before school for students and staff.

Our digital library SORA. The app is available for free in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Need help logging in? Try THIS (en español AQUI)

Answer the librarian's question at the front desk and enter the giveaway.

Book talks + Reels = ReelTalk

Monday-Friday, 8-4

Melissa Cunningham, Librarian

CLICK HERE if chat is hidden. A librarian is available Monday-Friday, 8-4pm

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