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Townes at South Meadow does not have a general cleaning service to keep common areas clean. To keep HOA fees low, we depend on residents to clean up after themselves and report issues when they see them.

  • Pick up after your dog. There are doggie bag stations in three locations on the property: the southwest corner of the community just off the parking lot; off of Ivanhoe in the green space between the buildings; on the east side of the property leading into the park common area.

  • Dogs are not permitted to run loose. This is not just a community rule, this is a City of Chandler ordinance. Failure to comply could result in fines. Click here to see the City of Chandler leash law.

  • Don't let your dogs bark incessantly. It's disruptive to those around you and can lead to fines and even a misdemeanor if not handled promptly. Click here for information about barking dogs in the City of Chandler.

  • Put your trash in the dumpster. All trash should fit completely in the dumpsters and the lids should close completely. If the dumpster is full, please try another dumpster. Please don't leave items outside the dumpsters - consider donating usable items to Goodwill (nearest is located at SE corner of Ray and Rural). Our community is charged extra when dumpsters are over filled.

  • Bulk trash or large item pick up is not free! Since we are on private property, we pay a privately owned waste disposal company to empty our dumpsters. When residents leave couches, mattresses, furniture, doors, bed frames etc. at the dumpsters, they are not picked up by our trash service. We have to employ a handyman to haul these items away, usually at a cost of $75 or more per incident. Please do not leave large items at the dumpsters. Please be responsible and dispose of them yourself or consider donating. Goodwill (SE corner of Ray and Rural) accepts drop offs and some items can be picked up by St. Vincent de Paul (

  • There is no porter service. Please don't litter. Please make sure your trash is placed in the dumpster.

  • The park east of our property is part of our community! A portion of your HOA assessment is devoted to the upkeep and maintenance of the park area. The grass area and playground are available to our residents.

  • The mailboxes are owned by USPS. If you don't have keys to your mailbox or need to have the mailbox locks changed, please contact USPS.

  • The back gates are the responsibility of the homeowner. The HOA recommends regular maintenance and painting of the gates outside the regular painting schedule. The paint colors for the Townes at South Meadow are Sherwin Williams Colors:

        • Body - SW7512 Pavillion Beige in Satin

        • Trim and Back Gates - SW7503 Sticks & Stones in Stain

        • Front Doors and Screen Doors - SW7503 Sticks & Stones in Gloss

  • If you see something, say something. If you see any maintenance issues, safety or security issues, etc. please report them to the proper people. For emergencies, always dial 911, but for items such as broken sprinklers, leaking roofs, abandoned vehicles, owners not picking up after their animals, or people misusing the dumpsters, please report them to Heywood Community Management so that they can be repaired. We want all of our residents to live in a safe and well maintained community.

Heywood Management 480-820-1519 or Click here for Heywood's online forms.

Community documents

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