Privacy Policy for ${Touch India} on the Google Assistant

The content for ${Touch India} has been developed by ${Dabhi Tapan .V.}. However, ${Touch India} runs on systems provided by Google, and ${Dabhi Tapan .V.} does not have full access to the app. In particular, ${Dabhi Tapan .V.} has no ability to access the messages you send to ${Touch India} or the responses that it sends back to you.

${Dabhi Tapan .V.} may receive from Google non-personally identifying information about the use of ${Touch India}. For instance, ${Dabhi Tapan .V.} can access usage information regarding how many users are using the app, which geographical regions they are located in, and basic data including users’ language, device type, and length and frequency of use. None of the information ${Dabhi Tapan .V.} receives from Google identifies you, nor does it reveal to ${Dabhi Tapan .V.} what information you sent to the app or what specific responses the app sent to you.

When you use ${Touch India}, you are also using the Google Assistant, and the Google Privacy Policy describes how Google collects and uses data about your use of the app. You may wish to consult Google’s documentation regarding what information is shared with your Google Assistant and how to delete your Google Assistant activity.

${Dabhi Tapan .V.} may, in the future, modify ${Touch India} to run on infrastructure which ${Dabhi Tapan .V.} has full access to, which would allow ${Dabhi Tapan .V.} access to additional information about your interaction with the app. Should that occur, ${Dabhi Tapan .V.} will comply with its obligations under applicable privacy law, including updating this Privacy Policy as required.