The easy-to-use duty-management chatbot


"Touban" is a Japanese word that refers to “duties.”

It also refers to the “SHARING of duties in rotation.”

It's an integral part of the Japanese culture.

In Japanese schools, students take turns cleaning their own classrooms, hallways, and restrooms. It’s called “cleaning touban.” The assigned posts are rotated daily. By cleaning different posts day in and day out, students acquire a variety of cleaning skills.

There are many other forms of “touban” in all corners of everyday life in Japan— from job shifts to household chores.

"Cleaning Touban"

Job Shifts

Household Chores

"Touban" has educational values!

By experiencing "touban," people, especially students, learn the importance of mutual help and gain a sense of responsibility.

“Touban” in the U.S.

“Touban” may not be common outside Japan, but the custom of sharing duties with classmates, colleagues and family members could be just as valuable in countries outside Japan, including the United States.

Examples of people who could benefit from systematically managing duties:



Military Personnel

Doctors and Nurses

And... Students

There used to be problems, though....

Conventional "touban" was managed using analog devices such as paper charts. Unfortunately, this old method had some problems.

With analog devices, someone always had to manually update duty assignments, which was a tedious duty on its own.

Besides, analog devices were prone to unintended alterations.

Also, because the assigned duties were notified by "word of mouth" for the most part, people would often forget to carry out their assigned duties.


The SNS chatbot "Toubans!" was created in order to solve these problems.

"Toubans!" makes the once-tedious task of managing "touban," or "duty sharing," QUICK and SUPER-EASY!

All that a user has to do is complete simple settings within the familiar chat room already shared with colleagues/friends/family. Notifications will then be sent out automatically and accurately to the same chat room, INDEFINITELY and WITHOUT FAIL.


1. Add the chatbot to your list of contacts.

2. Invite the chatbot to the chatroom shared by constituent members.

3. Complete the settings.

Once you complete the settings, you will receive “touban” notification at timings YOU set!