Tote Bag For Women - Handmade In Britain IN 2019

Keeping women looking stylish and fresh with a great range of womens handmade tote bag

tote bag on a coat hanger

Simple Style At It's Best

I think that is what sets this bag apart from the rest. It's simplistic style suits any look, is easy to make and means that there will e a design and colour for any occasion

A Fashion Staple

You can not move or walk the streets with being surrounded by these true icons of design. They are so versitile i am sure you have at least a few.

Stunning tote bags for all occasions

We all have a go to item of clothing and accessory. Whether it be a pair of comfy flat shoes, our Barbour jacket, the little black dress or that pair of earrings from a partner. Whatever it maybe I am sure that many fashion conscious ladies will say that a tote bag is always at the front of their wardrobe. With a simple design and a good enough size that you are sure to be able to fit all those every day essentials.

The style choices available are quite literally endless. That’s why they are so go to. I hat the word cheap, it just doesn’t pay this amazingly versatile bag justice, but I had to use it hear ( it sounds better than inexpensive or financially viable ). I confess to having multiple bags in varying colours and styles that means I have something to match whatever colour I choose for the day.

Another testament to this bags success gas to be that every shop, chain, expo and more have one to offer. Adorned with branding of all sort, you can not quite literally walk 2 meters at a fashion show, trade event or exposition without being offered a branded tote bag with company leaflets, pens, mints, usb sticks, mouse matts, stickers and next seasons fashion essentials all easily fitted inside this little gem of a bag.

And I will say it again, they are cheap! Cheap enough that when you have finished with one, it does finally decide that you having stuffed it with excessive amounts of every day essential items that you never really use until you decided to take them out and then that is the day that you do need it. Stuff sods law, this is tote bags law!

So I say thank you, and again, thank you to the underrated and overused tote bag! You will always be near to our hand and will never be forgotten. A true icon in its day. Now just think to yourself, how many do you own?

What not have a look at some of the amazing women’s tote bags we have in stock including hand made in the UK ones with super stylish fox print and contrasting interior! This bag is not dead – it’s evolving….

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