Texas Bird Records Committee

Recent News:

July 1, 2018 : All lists have been changed to comply with the 59th supplement to the AOS Checklist. No new species were added or removed from the state list as part of the supplement. There were some minor shuffling of a couple of groups of birds, some genus changes, some scientific name changes and one common name change - White-collared Seedeater is now known as Morelet's Seedeater. In addition, the TBRC has officially added White-crowned Pigeon and Great Black Hawk to the state list. A White-crowned Pigeon was found injured near the Galveston Ferry (Galveston County) on 7 Oct 2017 while the Great Black Hawk was a surprising bird on South Padre Island (Cameron County) on 24 Apr 2018. The acceptance of these 2 species brings the State List to 649 in good standing.

August 3, 2017: The State List has been adjusted as per the 58th AOS supplement and the 2017 Annual Meeting minutes have been added in the Annual Meeting section. Thayer's Gull (lumped with Iceland Gull) has been removed from the state list and per the Annual Meeting, both Brown Booby and Iceland Gull have been removed from the Review List.

Great Black Hawk - April 24, 2018, Photo by Riley Wyna

Variegated Flycatcher - Sept 28, 2016 Photo by Chuck Lorenz