Selected Writing (by subject)

The following is a lightly condensed archive of my freelance bylines since 2013.

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Book reviews:

On Steve Anwyll’s Welfare (The Washington Post, 2019)

On Juliet Lapidos's Talent (Washington City Paper, 2019)

On Thomas Kohnstamm's Lake City (Vol. 1 Brooklyn, 2019)

On Natasha Young's Static Flux (Full Stop, 2019)

On Marci Vogel's Death and Other Holidays (Cleveland Review of Books, 2019)

On Patrick Nathan’s Some Hell (Los Angeles Times, 2018)

On Michael Zadoorian’s Beautiful Music (The Washington Post, 2018)

On Robert Anthony Siegel's Criminals (Los Angeles Review of Books, 2018)

On Mike Scalise's The Brand New Catastrophe (The Kenyon Review, 2018)

On Rebecca Kauffman’s The Gunners (Washington City Paper, 2018)

On Melanie Hobson’s Summer Cannibals (Full Stop, 2018)

On Rebekah Frumkin’s The Comedown (Full Stop, 2018)

On Nico Walker's Cherry (Cleveland Review of Books, 2018)

On Hanif Abdurraqib’s They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us (The Washington Post, 2017)

On Anna Pitoniak’s The Futures (The Village Voice, 2017)

On Brian Platzer’s Bed-Stuy Is Burning (The Awl, 2017)

On Don Lee’s Lonesome Lies Before Us (The Awl, 2017)


Towards a Unified Theory of Resistance Lit™️ (The Outline, 2019)

On Bhad Bhabie (Vulture, 2018)

On Lucie Greene and San Francisco futurism (The Outline, 2018)

On Dave Eggers and Silicon Valley mythology (The Outline, 2018)

On Menace II Society (FLOOD Magazine, 2018)

On J. Cole (The Awl, 2017)

On David Remnick on Donald Trump (Los Angeles Review of Books, 2017)

On Edwin O’Connor (Los Angeles Review of Books, 2016)

On Above the Law (LA Weekly, 2016)

On 2Pac (Passion of the Weiss, 2016)

On the Preakness Stakes (The Awl, 2015)

On hip hop’s anniversary fever (The Atlantic, 2014)

On Kanye West and rap religiosity (The Atlantic, 2013)


Henry Canyons (FLOOD Magazine, 2018)

Your Old Droog (SPIN, 2017)

Eamon (LA Weekly, 2017)

Anthony “L’s” Cruz (LA Weekly, 2017)

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth (SPIN, 2016)

Oddisee (The Awl, 2016)

The Nonce (LA Weekly, 2015)

Slum Village (Vice, 2015)

Jared Evan (LA Weekly, 2015)

HANiF and Kenny Kingpin (LA Weekly, 2015)


Alexandrea Ravenelle (The Outline, 2019)

Jahbaz Dawson (Passion of the Weiss, 2019)

One Be Lo (Passion of the Weiss, 2018)

O.C. (Bandcamp Daily, 2017)

B.G. Firmani (Los Angeles Review of Books, 2017)

Darcie Wilder (Brooklyn Magazine, 2017)

Michael Tolle (Forbes, 2016)

Grip Grand (Forbes, 2016)

Kemba (Passion of the Weiss, 2016)

The Doppelgangaz (Passion of the Weiss, 2015)

Album reviews:

On Dell Fargo’s Mental Health (Washington City Paper, 2019)

On Ankhlejohn's A-Cold-World* (Washington City Paper, 2019)

On Nas & Kanye West's NASIR (FLOOD Magazine, 2018)

On Rahiem Supreme's Drip Bond (Washington City Paper, 2018)

On Napoleon Da Legend & Giallo Point's Coup D'Etat (Washington City Paper, 2018)

On Henry Canyons’s La Cote West (Passion of the Weiss, 2018)

On Joey Bada$$’s All-AmeriKKKan Bada$$ (The Village Voice, 2017)

On Le$’s Midnight Club (Passion of the Weiss, 2017)

On Warren G’s Regulate...G-Funk Era, Part II (LA Weekly, 2015)


On LL Cool J (Vulture, 2018)

On Tha God Fahim (Bandcamp Daily, 2018)