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I get a window seat on airplanes whenever I can. I've always been captivated by the views from the air and have been taking "in the air" fotos for many years.

A good "in the air" foto requires some luck ... a window that isn't dirty and scratched, decent visibility, sitting on the "right" side of the plane, a seat where the wing doesn't completely obstruct the view, and flying over something interesting to shoot. I've had some good luck.

The sea is a living thing with plenty of its own activity and wonderful colours & textures. And, it supports a vast array of plant & animal life and pastimes for us humans.

Spending time at the shore or on the water always provides interesting things to shoot.

The greatest artist of all.

Nature provides plant life in a cornucopia of colours, textures, shapes and sizes that are truly astounding.

The animal world is remarkably rich in the variety of creatures, colours, textures and facial expressions. Always fun to shoot.

One of my favourite things to do when I go to Hawaii and Mexico.

These are amazing mammals and a real pleasure to see. I’ve been a few times now so decided to create an album with my experiences so far.

"Everybody's beautiful in their own way." Lyrics from the 1970 Ray Stevens song Everything is Beautiful.

I believe this to be true ... everyone has an inner spirit or beauty. The fun and pleasure as a photographer is to work with the "model(s)" to draw out and capture that spirit ... be it fun, playful, humorous, poignant or touching in some way.

The “theme” of this album is a blend of the 2 meanings of Humanity - mankind and human nature.

When we travel, we have the opportunity to see and experience different cultures from our own. The fotos in this album remind me of the feelings of respect, admiration, inspiration, hopefulness for mankind and empathy I felt seeing:

  • the resilience of people “doing what they need to do to make a living” in difficult environments
  • the openness, friendliness and joy displayed by people living in places where “life looks hard” compared to middle class Canada
  • scenes of kindness, thoughtfulness and fun-loving behaviour
  • people who obviously have a difficult life

... and some that just made me smile.

Performance are fun and challenging to shoot.

Fun because of the positive energy and expressive personas the performers display.

Challenging to capture a good image with the constant movement and changing lighting conditions.

1 foto for each city, town or other place from the albums I’ve added to my website so far as well as those I’ve done some work on but haven’t completed yet.

As I publish additional albums, I’ll add another foto for each place in the new albums.

Mankind has certainly left its mark on the world and in many cases it is quite interesting. I find there are many cities in our world that have charming and interesting architecture that is fun to photograph.

There's something about Windows & Doors that has a real allure for us as individuals. I'm not sure what it is but I am susceptible to it as well.

"Despite all the typical beauty of Venice, I seem to pause a lot at the doors and windows." "I automatically went to the Windows & Doors collection first." (quotes from a couple of friends)

A collection of images that I find funny or unusual in some way.

The digital photo age creates opportunities for fun and creativity that were only for a select few experts back in the film days.

This is a sample of some of my projects.

Some images elicit feelings in us ... contemplation, sadness, awe, solitude, ...

This collection of images invokes these types of feelings for me.

Night photography enables capturing very interesting and striking scenes.

With a tripod and long exposure times, it is possible to create unique, imaginative images.


When 1 regular image just isn't enough for the scene.

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