Vancouver, canada

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A collection of night shoot fotos including various annual events and festivals such as the Celebration of Light Fireworks Festival and Christmas Festival of Lights.

I’ve been shooting performances for Dizz ‘N Omen and Omen Primeiro for a few years. The album is a collection of various artists and fans from several performances.

I’ve developed an appreciation for the genre that includes a blend of edgy, humorous and inspirational songs and always lots of energy from artists who truly enjoy performing.

White Rock

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“Journey back in time to 15th Century China and enjoy this window to another world.”

In Vancouver's Chinatown. A great place to spend some quiet time.

Stanley Park

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Lighthouse Park

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Minnekhada Park

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Chilliwack is in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, about a 1 hour drive from downtown Vancouver. At the annual festival you can enjoy 20 acres of Tulips with gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains.

Mid October through mid November is a great time for nature’s colouring book in Vancouver. Took my camera with me on a few neighbourhood walks and captured this album showcasing some of Vancouver’s natural fall beauty.