Composite Images

Combining two or more fotos into a new image is a great way to tell a story.

Below are few examples of creating Composite Images for Families, Friends and celebrating people's persona.

Son and His Guardian Angel Mother

  • high resolution scans of vintage fotos
  • enlarge fotos ... they were very small
  • repair damage & fix imperfections in original fotos using software on digital images
  • combine the 2 images to bring mother and son into a single image

Yesterday and Today - a Reunion

  • high resolution scan of high school yearbook fotos
  • overlay "that was then" on "this is now"

40 Years in the Making

  • high resolution scan of high school yearbook foto to create background image from 40 years ago
  • "cut" today out of a digital image and overlay on background

The Children Over the Years

  • scan keepsake fotos over the years
  • create collage of children over 50 years

A Dog and His Servants

  • memory of a friend

Birthday Card for a Special Friend

Birthday Celebration

  • foto shoot + create collage

I Sing Therefore I Am