Mrs. Torres' Science

Mrs. Torres

DISCOVER Physical Science 8CP & 8Honors

ASB Co-Advisor

Science Department Chair

Google Certified Teacher

Room A2

Welcome to another year at Sequoia Middle School! This is my 8th year at Sequoia, and my 14th year in the district. I feel so blessed to be a teacher at Sequoia and love all of the activities on campus! I hope you are excited to be here, too!

My hope this year is that you would gain an appreciation for the AMAZING world around us, and that my enthusiasm for science would be contagious.

I love science because of its immensities and intricacies; huge solar systems and galaxies versus teeny atoms and molecules! The universe comes in all shapes and sizes. I love our ever-increasing knowledge of the complexities of the teeny-tiny, microscopic world, like DNA and string theory; and the enormities of the huge and beautiful universe in which we live. Life on this planet is amazing and magnificent! I love to continually increase my knowledge and understanding of it all. We will never exhaust the questions we can ask as we try to find the answers, using Science!

I look forward to being your guide as your eyes are opened to new scientific ideas through the labs, activities, and discussions we will complete this year. I especially hope that you will enjoy your time in science this year. Whether it's your favorite subject or your least favorite, I hope you learn that science can be fun!


Mrs. Torres