MBC torre Pacheco Erasmus+ 2019

Moate Business College Erasmus+ visits Torre Pacheco, Spain, 2019

The Erasmus+ programme today is designed to foster a skilled and dynamic work force within the European Union. It allows students in vocational education and training to undertake temporary transnational training/work placements over a 3 week period, gaining an understanding of different cultures, languages and work practices. 4 Erasmus+ students from MBC are spending 3 weeks in Torre Pacheco in February 2019 on an Erasmus+ mobility.

Niamh Kearns

Peter Fielding

Jordan Egan

Aoife Rooney

Arriving in Torre Pacheco

Saturday 9th February: This is the first picture I took the first night I arrived in Torre-Pacheco. This is Yolanda my ‘Spanish Mammy’ for the 3 weeks. She is so lovely!

Visiting the town of Cartagena

Sunday 10th February: On our second day we went to Cartagena! We went down by the marine, the shops and went for food! It was a lovely city to be in. Beautiful views - I can't believe it's February

Meeting the Mayor

Monday 11th February

Today we got to meet the mayor of Torre-Pacheco. We got to go to the town hall and get a tour of the building. There was a Camera there and little did we know we were being recorded to go on the local TV!!!

View from the town hall

Monday 11th February

This picture is a view from the top of the town hall!

We were on the roof, it was an amazing experience to meet the mayor and get a tour of the town hall.

Everyone made us feel so welcome.

Tour Guiding in the Mountains

As part of my work placement I (Aoife) got to visit mountains with caves called ‘Cabezo Gordo’. I was working with a tour guide called Irene and we organised a tour with two groups of kids aged 7-9. Irene explain everything to me in English which was great! I had a great experience and never witnessed anything like this!

Trekking up the mountain

Gabezo Gordo Caves

This picture is the entrance to one of the caves which is the water cave! Personally this was my favorite one as I go to see a big pool of water, it reminded me of something from ‘H2O just add water’ (for anyone who knows this will understand 😂)

At Work - Tour to Town Hall

This was another tour and the first place we went was the town hall, and I didn't see this room the first time I was here and this was a room full of documents. The first picture shows the first document ever recorded in Torre-Pacheco! The woman also talked about after the civil war they made their own money.

At Work - Tour of Windmills

Torre-Pacheco is known for the windmills. As part of the tour people learned the history and even got to go inside it.

The video shows a quick glimpse of the inside! I learned so much and it was a great opportunity!

The Event of the Drums

Today we went to the event of drums! A group of people went around a small town called ‘Roldán’ and they would go to a bar, have food, a drink and drums again! It was a very interesting event that took place!

(17 February)

Today was my first time trying Churros!!!!!

I absolutely love!!!!