TOPSS honors shoppers' dignity by allowing them to choose their items according to their household size and preferences. TOPSS also provides customers with nutritional information.

TOPSS services families living in the Talawanda school district. Customers are able to shop once per week.

TOPSS also offers a a limited number of "emergency" food boxes for those in need who live outside of the Talawanda School District. Please contact us for more information.


If you live in the Talawanda School District and meet the federal and state household size and income guidelines, you may be eligible for services.

Income is self report only, we do not verify. If you do not fall within these guidelines but still need help, please contact us!

If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact us at director@topss.org or 513-523-3851.


Sherry Martin, Executive Director | director@topss.org | 513-523-3851

Lake Bauman, Pantry Coordinator | lake@topss.org

Angela Trubceac, Pantry Assistant

TOPSS Board Members

Diana Byrd, Chair

Tyler Wash, Vice Chair

Kristi Princell, Treasurer

Suzy Hummel, Secretary

Brenda Allen

Sue Cameron

Laurie Lockart

Mark Macechko

Susan Marcum

Kitty McMaster

Linda Simmons

Board Chair, Diana Byrd