Ranch Bronc Riding

An action packed, "ride as ride can" event.


This event has been cancelled for the 2018 Rodeo due to the number of PRCA athletes that have entered the rodeo. THANK YOU PRCA Athletes!!!

Ranch Bronc Riding Rules

  • Ride for 8 seconds.
  • A standard, working ranch saddle is used for the ride. The horse should be saddled as it ordinarily would be for everyday use.
  • The use of bucking rolls (padded attachments at the front of the saddle) are permitted. In addition, a rolled up saddle blanket (or something similar) tied across the front of the saddle is also allowed.
  • It is required that the rider holds onto the hack rein throughout the entire ride.
  • Riders are allowed to hold onto the saddle horn, cantle, or a night latch (a rope or strap tied through the gullet of the saddle) with their free hand (the one not holding the hack rein).
  • No "mark out" rule.
  • The loss of a stirrup is allowed without disqualification.
  • Hobbling of stirrups (tying the stirrups together underneath the horse's belly) is not allowed.
  • Binding of stirrups or stirrup leathers (tying the stirrups or stirrup leathers to the cinch, billets, etc.) is not allowed.
  • Scoring: There are usually two judges for the ranch bronc riding event, with each judge scoring the bronc from 1–25 points (for a total of 50 points possible for the bronc) and the rider from 1–25 points (for a total of 50 points possible for the rider). Therefore, the total number of points that can usually be awarded is 100.

Entry Information

Ranch Bronc entries will not open until Monday, June 11th, 2018. It will be on a first enter, first serve basis. We will except 10 entries per night. Once we are filled, we will close the entries for that night. You will be notified of your entry, once the entry has been confirmed.

Starting June 11th, please click on the link below to enter the Ranch Bronc Riding. Make sure to click on "Submit" at the end of the registration, or else your registration will not be valid. There will be no phone entries this year, only online entries.

Please print and sign the Local Entry Release form and bring it with you when you check in for your event.