Introducing Short 'PickleBall' currently the most popular sport in the USA.   

Do you or your Children enjoy getting active together?  Is your Child looking to get active but not old enough for the gym yet?  

Now available at Top Body Gym Private Hire for One Hour £20.00 includes equipment. Ages 7yr+ (Under 12 to be accompanied by an adult)  Neon Glow available.  Fun active game improving cardiovascular fitness, cognitive function & eye co-ordination.

To Book simply call Top Body (01493) 655229

Open to Members & Non-Members 

The Court consists of two service areas situated at the back of each court and a Non-Volley Zone also known as the 'Kitchen'.  A baseline, centerline & sideline.

    Matches are played best two games out of three. Each game is played to 11 points, win by     two. Or if you are playing one game, it is played to 11 or 15 points, win by two.

Pickleball can be played as singles or doubles, with doubles being the most popular. Singles and doubles are played following the same rules with slightly different scoring methods.