Updates on Top Social Media Platforms

Social media is getting smarter with every passing day. A few years ago, social media was considered to be a medium that only supported sharing of videos and statuses on different platforms. Then, more features were developed and were integrated in different social media platforms. Today’s social media is a much transformed medium that isn’t meant to just providing a medium for social interaction in conventional ways.

With that said, it would be worth mentioning some of the considerable updates that were made in top social media platforms.


No other social media platform is as popular as Facebook. The reason is that it offers amazing features to social media users. Facebook also release updates over time. One of the features is Facebook News. Although, it became popular but it also provided a loophole that gave users an option to spread the false news. Facebook now has developed a tool that helps in nullifying the efforts of spreading fake news.

Another update that Facebook has made is the algorithmic one. This update is programmed to give more weightage to the posts that get more reactions from the users. So, if you are able to get your Facebook post popular, you are going to get better rank for it.


LinkedIn has also jumped into the competition of making social media platforms interesting for the users. The considerable feature here is about photo editing. The new feature allows users to zoom in, zoom out, crop, and apply different filters to the photos after uploading.


Search Ads is a feature that Pinterest has recently launched. This option is going to be an extension of the advertisement on Pinterest. Not to mention, Google got very positive response by integrating ads in the search results. It seems like Pinterest has taken inspiration from Google in this regard.

Another feature introduced by Pinterest is addition of visual search in browser extension that runs in Google Chrome. The benefit of this feature is that it allows you to search for the images without opening Pinterest website.


One of the most considerable changes that Twitter has made in tweets replies is that it doesn’t subtracts from the character count when user names of the people, you are replying to, are entered in the tweet field. The appearance of replies has also been changed.

Twitter has made some updates to help you in case you are not willing to view some of the notifications due to any reasons. If an account shows abusive behavior, the Twitter limits the propagation of tweets of that account. This way, only the followers of that account are able to see the post.

Additionally, a paid TweetDeck is also being considered for launch by Twitter. This feature is specifically made to facilitate brands and marketing companies.