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4 Tips On How Your Small Business Can Flourish Under The Influence Of SEO

According to statistics, almost half of the private-sector employment is composed of small businesses operating nationwide. It has also been noted that more than half of the net new job creation from 1993 to 2011 came from small businesses.

With that in mind, it is painstakingly obvious that small businesses are the main force behind the engines of the economy.

Nowadays, SEO is used as a leverage by small businesses across the globe.

When properly implemented, just having the right search engine optimization marketing campaign can place even the smallest business in the front line and influence the customers’ purchasing decisions. Thanks to the wonders of digital marketing, small businesses now have the potential to compete with large firms provided they can offer quality products or services at reasonable prices.

But, how do you actually build the foundation for your business’ digital marketing strategy?

Starting with the basics

Small business owners can’t help but act out their DIY instinct. After all, a lot of the digital marketing basics can be done without outsourcing.

Considering those, below are the top four things you should do in order for your marketing strategy to take off smoothly.

1. Claim your business in listings

Online service providers such as Yelp, Google and Bing are just some networks that provide free listings for business owners to claim. You can start by updating your business’ profile like business name, address, phone number, email address, and more in various business listings. The more listings you have for your business, the higher the chance your business will be found when someone searches online.

2. Be sociable

Based on research, a good ole 90% of young Americans and 65% or adults are regular users of at least one social media network.

With those figures alone, it can already be deduced that digital marketing allows you to reach a huge number of potential customers for your business.

In order to get across them, you have to ensure that your blog posts are interesting, valuable, and timely. Social media users like to engage with brands personally, so you can try conversing with your audience or ask them some questions.

3. Create a blog

Did you know that businesses who have a blog attract 55% more web traffic than those who do not have? Yes, believe it or not, that is certainly now the case today, so you may as well take this chance to start your own blog,

When you’re blogging, take note that your posts have to be topical and relevant to your brand and business to ensure that visitors will visit your website again.

4. Consider PPC ads

Pay-per-click ads are a great way to earn your website an excellent ranking position within a short period of time. When you use PPC the right way, these ads will help boost your online presence and drive qualified traffic to your website.

Some search engines like Google and Bing offer their own PPC platforms that are readily accessible to anyone, however, the process can be a bit intimidating for inexperienced users.

After you have successfully integrated all those four steps in your workflow, you will now have a solid groundwork to help you earn more revenues to your small business.

4 Ways To Maximize The Use Of E-Commerce Website Design

As technology continues to shift towards the skyline, more and more businesses have forged their way to the go online in order to increase their chances of reaching their respective target audiences.

Now that online competition is becoming fiercer as each day wears on, e-commerce entrepreneurs need to pay more attention and make extra efforts on improvising their websites and beat the competition through SEO and online marketing.

The key here that will truly help your business grow is to keep up with the latest changes and improvements in the online business. Having an e-commerce website means you have to be mindful of the features it needs to have for the improvement of your site and its design.

When you have a solid design and you know what to provide your audience, you will get a boost in your sales in return.

Here are four ways on how your e-commerce website design can increase your bottom line.

1. Easy to navigate with a clean-cut structure

Make it so that your website has a wholesome structure in a sense that your visitors can smoothly browse through it and that search engines can easily understand it. The intent of having a well-structured website is to make sure that unnecessary clutters are not in the way of the visitors when they are on your site. You should also have a sitemap of your website so that the web search tools can lay out a better plan on how your site must be sorted out.

2. Unsavory information must be placed at the page footer

By unsavory information, I mean the kind that is not desirable to the eyes of your customers, however, is mandatory to have for every website for legal purposes.

The good news is that we have page footer, a perfect place to stick the entire unsavory information while still remains to be technically visible—albeit inconspicuous.

Putting this information in a subtle and smaller text can make them go unnoticed. Likewise, it gives you more room on your website for more important components like Legal Disclaimers, Copyright notices, Cookie notifications, and more.

3. Placing social media links in the page footer

Needless to say, social media is a guaranteed method to boost your online presence and attract more customers by sharing quality substance. Although not in the slightest similar to directly sharing posts, the social media links in the page footer or anywhere else enable your customers to navigate to your brand’s social media pages where they can browse your posts, products or services or follow it.

These links normally appear as logo icons in order to save more space.

4. Putting animation and eye-catching graphics at the bottom of your website

Animation and graphics, in general, are magnets to any kind of attention on the internet.

Having animated images, icons, or gif and flashy graphics will boost the appeal of your page footer and the page as a whole.

Placing pleasing designs at the bottom of your webpage(s) suggests that they won’t be a distraction from the more important content above while at the same time gives off a charming ambiance to your website.

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Artificial Intelligence: One Of The Profound Changes In The Digital Marketing World

Artificial intelligence, or AI for short is an extensive term that consists of many methods in crafting computer systems that can think and perform tasks the way humans do, or in highly advanced cases, even better than humans.

AI is the new craze nowadays. In fact, you could almost see it everywhere from virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home to ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft.

AI is the great force behind these intelligent machines and apps that are proven to be very convenient to our daily lives.

With all those in mind, AI has even increased its status level to being an integral part of our world. Not only is AI making major and impactful changes to the designing world, but its influence goes as far as to the advertising and marketing landscape. As a result, marketers are now scrambling for ways to collaborate with digital creative firms to find unique uses for technology.

In reality, AI has already made known of its presence in the digital marketing world with its machine learning and ability to build custom content.

Take a look at the five applications for AI that are already making noise in the world of digital marketing.

1. Behavior analysis

AI is mostly about analyzing wide expanse of data and making decisions according to its findings. This predictive analytics approach is a major trigger that led to the shift in the digital marketing.

Considering that ads, campaigns, and other promotional materials are based on buyer’s profile and other data gathered from buyer’s experience, this fact only proves how AI is an ideal tool for the task.

2. Incorporating insights

When it comes to collecting and incorporating various datasets from different platforms such as websites, apps, and social media, AI is also great at these. It is capable of performing meta-analysis that allows it to gather and analyze datasets in a more progressive and intricate way.

3. Machine learning

Machine learning or ML is a technology that lets machines learn from previous actions or processes. Not only that, but MI is capable of enhancing its decision-making skills for similar actions or processes in the later date.

Its main uses for digital marketing are search optimization, ad targeting, and lead generation.

4. Creation and presentation of customized content

Have you heard or probably used a program called Wordsmith before? Wordsmith is an AI program that is often used to create content for news outlets and businesses. It collects and reports on the data it got from the spreadsheet or CSV file that operates under a set of rules to fill pre-made templates in with content.

When it comes to the customization of content, AI will right way navigate you to ads, articles, or clips that are considered to be the most relevant to you based on your browsing history.

5. Lead generation

AI is also able to quickly and easily discover your ideal customers, clients, and work colleagues the same way it can effectively generate its own buyer personas.

Rather than going through various CVs and application letters, you can now make your work easier with AI’s ability to screen applicants and create shortlists, thus, making staff recruitment faster and less costly.

Other AI-operated tools are utilized by many Las Vegas businesses to lower costs, do tedious tasks, and accelerate information sharing.

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