Tooth Restorations That You Can Get In Order To Have a Wonderful Smile

After getting your tooth damaged or lost, the first thing that you will be concerned about is how to get your tooth back. The matter of fact is that there is no way to get a natural tooth grown into the place of a lost tooth. However, there are some ways you can get your smile restored. Tooth restoration options are available for damaged and lost teeth. Having that said, it would be worth mentioning how tooth restoration can help you.

The immediate and obvious benefit of getting your tooth restored is that you are going to have your smile back after your tooth or teeth get damaged due to injury or tooth decay. However, it is not just the aesthetics that you are going to get restored. We all know how important the teeth are for oral and dental health. Damaged or lost teeth can cause a number of oral and overall health issues. So, it is pretty easier to conclude that you are going to get the oral and overall health benefits if you manage to get a well-functioning tooth restoration.

So, the most common tooth restorations are worth mentioning in this regard.


When you get your tooth or teeth damaged due to tooth decay or minor injury, the type of restoration that can truly fulfill your requirements is the dental filling. Typically, there are two main steps involved in the procedure of dental filling. In the first step, the decayed portion of your tooth is going to be removed. You can term this step as disinfection of the tooth. After the tooth is disinfected, the tooth will then be filled either with amalgam or composite filling. This entire process usually completes in a single dental visit.


Crowning of the tooth is referred to as a process which involves covering the severely damaged portion of the tooth to give it back the looks and functionality it requires. Crowns are usually so strong that they can endure normal to intense biting without getting damaged. Crowns are typically required when cavities or damages are too big for the filling to cover. Obviously it is going to be more expensive than filling. Moreover, you will need to visit your dentist twice for the crown to be fitted on your damaged tooth.

Dental bonding

The minor chips and fractures of the teeth may be easier to deal with but they are not less dangerous in any way. The reason I said dealing with the chips and cracks is easy is due to the process called dental bonding. Dental bonding involves application of composite resin which is colored to match with that of the natural teeth. After the dental bonding is done, the dentist will polish it to prevent future staining.


Veneers are applied for the purpose of improving the looks of your smile. Most typically, the veneers are attached to the front teeth which do not receive much of the chewing task. Dental veneers are made of porcelain. They can be used to improve the looks and cover the cracks or chips on the front teeth.

Dental implants

The final kind of dental restoration is the dental implant. After you lose a tooth or get it extracted, you can end up getting other teeth weakened as they do not get support due to empty area left by the missing tooth. Dental implantation is the process of restoring a missing tooth by inserting a metal root which is called implant. On the top of the implant, a crown is fixed. Dental implants do not only restore the looks but they also restore the functionality of the tooth.