The Essential Tools For Packing And Moving

Having plans to move to a new home? Well, the moving ordeal need not be tiresome and painful for you. With the necessary packing and moving supplies, moving will be easier, efficient and enjoyable. The following are some of the must have packing and moving tools.


Small, medium, large, extra large and divided boxes are necessary packing tools. Large items require large boxes while as heavy boxes require small boxes. Divided boxes with an example being a liquor box are perfect for packing delicate glassware. One major rule to keep in mind is filling the box to capacity which will give you neat and level stacks. Overfilling them may make stacking hard, and on the other hand, underfilling will make them collapse under the weight. Ziploc bag may be ideal for small little items such as batteries and screws.

Tapes and packing labels

It is vital to have at least two rolls of each kind of tape especially if you have assistance during packing and moving. The tapes should be of high quality so that they can stick well to the boxes. Shipping tape is perfect for sealing the boxes, and the duct tape is used for closing and reinforcing heavy boxes. A painter’s tape will come in handy for projects in the new home. Packing labels are used for labeling boxes and thus makes packing and unpacking easy as one is sure of the content. A masking tape, sticker labels and a sharpie marker pen can be used to label the boxes. Professional movers have embraced color code system that uses color markers or color stickers, which helps in protecting valuables as the contents are not identified on the box.

Packing papers

They are used to wrap fragile items, glasses, cups, and plates. The papers can also be used to fill empty spaces in the box to avoid things from rattling. A bubble wrap which is available in large and small rolls is used to wrap breakables and delicate items. A plastic stretch wrap is great for drawers and dressers to keep them closed and intact. A moving plastic wrap is an industrial sized wrap that is used to protect items such as furniture, bedding and bulky essentials from dust, water, dirt, nicks, and scratches. Recycled newsprint, clothing, blankets, and towels are also used for protecting fragile goods. Bungee cords, ropes, tie-downs, and twines are essential as they keep furniture and boxes in place. Felt pads is a must have for protection of the floor.

Basic cleaning supplies

It is important to leave your former home and have your new home clean and neat. Brooms, sponges, dust pan, multi-purpose glass cleaner, vacuum cleaner, and paper towels are some essential housekeeping items that you should have. Gloves are important in protecting the hands when carrying heavy objects and when cleaning.

Other packing and moving Items

  • Tape dispensers
  • Several Scissors and box cutters
  • Plastic bins
  • Hand truck

Packing and moving seem to be hard tasks, but when you have the proper tools at hand, it can be easy and fast. Well-packaged goods will give the owner a sigh of relief as transportation of the items is secure and safe.