Telemental health is simply receiving therapy through electronic means where the client and clinician are in two different locations. Video sessions are accessed through a secure video conferencing platform. I use Simple Practice.

To use telemental health, you will need a secure setting for the session that will ensure your privacy, and a computer with internet connection. The system is cloud based with point to point encryption which meets HIPAA criteria for privacy. Platforms such as Skype and Face Time are not secure!!

Telemental health provides easier access to counseling than traditional in office sessions. Telemental health may be useful to individuals who cannot leave their home, who work unconventional hours, as well as those overseas or who live in rural or remote areas.

Research which supports the use of telemedicine:

  • Multiple studies show online counseling just as effective as “in-person” counseling

  • Depressed clients tend to stay in counseling longer online than in person

  • A higher percentage of online clients say then would seek counseling again.

Please Note: Clients with severe mental illness that may require emergency services are NOTappropriate for this form of therapy and need to see a clinician in the office for the safety of the client.

Mental health professionals which are licensed to provide counseling services are only ethically and legally allowed to provide services in the state in which they are licensed. Although changes are in progress, clinicians are only able to provide services in the state in which they are licensed.

Please let me know if this is something you are interested in or if you just have questions or want more information.