News 2018

Matt Arten - UGH SLUG (Final Render)

3d - Design

09. December 2018

This is the final version of the Ugh Slug Model created in Oculus Medium. Make sure to check out the creation process by watching this timelapse video.

Matt Arten - TooEmm Page Header

Logo - Design

04. December 2018

Up until now I tried to be all about music production but in fact this is not my main focus. As an artist I am interested in lot's of different mediums to express myself, although my ultimate goal is to combine all of these into making a game.

Hence from now on this brand shall be known as TooEmm Entertainment, which is all about music, design, art, games and movies. And this shall be its logo for now.

Matt Arten - Ugh Slug

OCulus Medium VR Sculpting - Timelapse Video

30. November 2018

When I decided to enter the VR world I wasn't aware that there were such great tools for artists. One of which is Oculus Medium, an absolute intuitive and easy to learn 3D sculpting tool, that quite simply is a lot of fun to use.

So I just started it up for the first time and played around a bit. As soon as I realized, that I was onto something, I wanted to document the progress. Fortunately video recording is built in and I was able to record a video without much hassle, although I am not quite satisfied with the video quality. The result is a video containing roughly 3 hours of sculpting, speed up and condensed down to 42 minutes.

I initially planned to compose a music track for this video, but composing 42 minutes of music is not an easy task, if you want the outcome to have some quality. As I started this in my vacation time, it seemed to be a nice idea and I created around 6 minutes of rough material. But when I was back at work, there wasn't much time left to work on this, and it would have taken me several months to complete, if I would have decided to continue on this path.

So in order to get this video out, I used some of my older tracks instead as the soundtrack. I think it wasn't such a bad trade-off, especially when taking my limited free time into account. I have seen other videos like that and they usually have no sound or music at all. Maybe I should do the same, next time. Would make it a lot easier to complete. ^_^

Matt Arten - Horse Sketch #1


29. November 2018

I want to learn how to draw horses. Therefore I am researching techniques and trying to find my own ones that help me understanding horse anatomy. This was my first attempt in drawing a horse head. I quite like the result so far. I used a technique I found on youtube in a video by Alphonso Dunn.

Matt Arten - Color Land

Digital Painting

08. April 2018

Once again I just started painting without a particular goal in mind. I played with colors and shapes began to form. When painting organically I tend to end up drawing landscapes - don't know why I like doing this.

Matt Arten - The Eye

Speedpainting Video

05. April 2018

I love Procreate for its video record feature! It is so fun to see a timelapse of your art being created. You can clearly see that this started out as a crude drawing and slowly turned into a much better version of itself. And you can see my struggle with the eyelashes...

By the way, the music in the background is one of my older tracks - TooEmm - Twisted Mind [First Rush Mix].

Matt Arten - The Eye

Digital Painting

04. April 2018

It seems to be unnessesary to mention, that this piece was created unintentionally... as most of my artworks happen to be created that way. I just wanted to try drawing on my iPhone using my sensu artist brush & stylus and Procreate Pocket. So for some reason I drew a crude eye shape and continued from there on. For several days I worked on this, mostly on my way to work and back home, while driving on the bus or train. That wasn't an easy task, as drawing on a small screen while being in a moving and shaking vehicle tends to be a little tedious, especially when trying to draw straight lines and little details. But I wanted to see this through an I am quite pleased with the result.