News 2016

Matt Arten - Music Cover - TooEmm - Enterprise

Cover - Design

10. September 2016

The cover art for TooEmm - Enterprise.

TooEmm - Enterprise

Free Song

10. September 2016

Not long ago I woke up in the morning and was humming this melody - now everybody can hum it as well. Enjoy!

TooEmm - Enterprise

Video - Trailer

09. September 2016

A sneak peak of the upcoming free song release:

TooEmm - Enterprise

Matt Arten - Out There In Space

3D Art

08. September 2016

Once again I played around in Blender. This is the result with different post rendering effects. Not sure which one I like the most.

TooEmm - Oho Oho Oho Oh

Free Song

19. July 2016

Do you know the Jackie Chan flick "Operation Condor" (Mission Adler)? Ever since I've heard and seen the dancing desert people I wanted to use them in a song. This is just for fun - with no commercial purpose. It makes no sense to leave this rotting on my hard drive. I want people to enjoy this. So download at will. And remember - sharing is fun! :-)

And Jackie if you see this - please don't be mad. There's no harm intended. I'm just an old fan!

Matt Arten - Happy Bauday - Baubro First Brett


24. May 2016

Another birthday card / hardware store gift coupon I created for my uncle's birthday.

Matt Arten - Sunset

Digital Painting

28. March 2016

Here is just the image ...

Matt Arten - Sunset

Speedpainting Video

27. March 2016

I tried Procreate for iPad and this is the result. It is so great that video recording is built in. The music is a yet unfinished TooEmm Song called "Unleashed"...

Matt Arten - Beast Master


26. March 2016

Wouldn't wanna meet that guy for real...

Matt Arten - Rock & Hudson Flyer #12 - Songs For The Suburban Savage

Flyer -Design

29. February 2016

Another Rock & Hudson Flyer. Below you can see the difference between the original picture and the final result. Can you spot all changes?

Matt Arten - Tunnel Face


09. February 2016

Normally I do not remember my dreams, but this image stayed in my mind for some reason. OK it is not quite what I saw, but you get the picture. What does it mean?