News 2015

Matt Arten - Neon Alley

3d Art

19. August 2015

Just playing around with Blender...

Matt Arten - Happy Bauday


31. July 2015

A birthday card / hardware store gift coupon I created for my uncle's birthday. I guess his wife doesn't like the new garage in her garden...

Matt Arten - TooEmm Page Cover Design

Logo - Design

06. July 2015

A new logo design for TooEmm.

Matt Arten - Shadow Of Mordor


29. June 2015

Maybe Shadow of Mordor left an impression on me?

Matt Arten - Neonite

Digital Painting

26. June 2015

Finger drawing on the iPad. Pretty simple and strange ... but somehow I like it ...

Matt Arten - Fire Fighter

Digital Painting

26. June 2015

Is it hot in here ... or is that me?


Video - Trailer

03. June 2015

The new Trailer is now online to celebrate the release. Wow 2:53 minutes length - and it took me around three days to make it. It was totally worth the time! You’ll get a sneak peak of all the tracks so don’t miss it - and get flashed by the cool visualization while you’re at it! :-)


Video - Trailer

27. May.2015

Although it arrives much later as I have planned, I am happy to announce that I have finally released a little teaser trailer for The Passage Of Time. It is meant as a funny insight into the creative process of one artist in desperate search for an awesome song title. Enjoy!


Flyer - Design

19. May.2015

This is a flyer for the upcoming release of The Passage Of Time (EP). Finally after 2 years in the making it is about to hit the stores. The EP will be available in June 2015.

Matt Arten - Mauz


07. May 2015

Kitty Katty! Doodlelidoo....

Matt Arten - In The Forest

Digital Painting

08. April 2015

Yeah you see right... its a bunch of colors...

Matt Arten - TooEmm Vault

3d Art

29. March 2015

My secret vault... done in Blender.

Matt Arten - Mario Mushroom Killer

Comic Strip

04. March 2015

Matt Arten - Starr Kampf - I Am Your Father

Comic Strip

27. February 2015

Matt Arten - Alpha Squad Cover Art


14. February 2015

I loved Star Wars as a kid - still do. And after I did a comic that made fun of the first Star Wars movie, I was dreaming of creating my own stories and fictional universe. So this was an Idea for a cover... still very much Star Warsish... (is that even a word?)

I didn't sign this one, but I am pretty sure I was still going to school when I drew this. Should be from around 1998.

Matt Arten - Guy


09. February 2015

It's a guy...

Matt Arten - Mozza Buzza - Game Concept Art

Sketch - Concept

05. February 2015

This was an idea for a title screen of a possible computer game. Maybe the actual game will be there as well someday...

Matt Arten - Starr Kampf Remastered - Concept Art #1

Sketch - Concept

25. January 2015

I've been thinking of remastering / remaking my "Starr Kampf" comic. This is just a rough concept drawing I did for that purpose.

Matt Arten - Say Hello To My Little Friend


11. January 2015

Inspired by and created for a former colleague, who actually ran around the workplace with a chainsaw he created from cardboard.