Mozza Buzza


A Game about navigating alone (or maybe as a group of cute characters) through maze-like levels while overcoming traps, hazards, enemies and puzzles.

This is still in early pre-production meaning that there is not more than concept art an ideas flowing around. The direction of the game has not been completely determined, yet. But for sure it will be a Jump & Run game with puzzle elements.

Because this started out with a 2 person team which has now been reduced to 1 person and is a spare time project that has quite an ambitious scope, it will take a while to be completed. In fact the scope is too big for a first game release under the current circumstances. For that reason it has been put on hold for another project of much smaller scope, that will be announced, soon. This will (hopefully) kickstart a new carrer as an indie game studio, and enable me to commit full-time to this project.

This story is not over!

So stay tuned!


Genre: 2D, Jump & Run, Puzzle

Game Engine: TBD

Team Size: 1

Project birthdate: February 2019

Development Status: Pre-production (on hold)

Development Start: TBD

Release Date: TBD

Release Platform: PC (maybe other platforms as well)

More About the Game

Concept art

Check out our collection of concept art for the game.


Check out videos for the game.