Mozza Buzza


A Game about navigating alone or as a group of cute characters through maze-like levels while overcoming traps, hazards, enemies and puzzles.

Currently we are in early pre-production meaning that we are creating concepts and prototypes. The direction of the game has not been completely determined, yet. We are currently throwing ideas against the wall and see what will stick. But for sure it will be a Jump & Run game with puzzle elements and a hand drawn art-style.

We are doing this in our spare time and have no prior game development experience to rely on, so it might take a while. But we are highly motivated and determined to bring this project to life.

We will keep you informed about our progress.

Stay tuned!


Genre: 2D, Jump & Run, Puzzle

Game Engine: Godot

Team Size: 2

Development Status: Pre-production

Development Start: February 2019

Release Date: TBD

Release Platform: PC (maybe other platforms as well)

More About the Game

Concept art

Check out our collection of concept art for the game.


Check out videos for the game.