In case you might be wondering...

...who or what is this all about?


I am Matthias, a guy from Germany that has been a hobby artist since his earliest childhood. I engage myself in different kinds of artistic areas, which include drawing and design in 2D or 3D, either digital or analogue (I mean in the real world, like drawing on paper or painting an actual oil painting), composing music, programming and game design (board games and computer games) among others.

I have had a focus on composing music for quite some time. But I came to realize, that all my interests are valuable to me, so to focus on only one of them is out of the question. Luckily they can be combined into one package which is game development. So while I am having my main focus on creating a computer game I surely will still come up with other things from time to time. Whatever comes up, I want you to participate in it and hopefully get some enjoyment out of it as I do.

For that reason I have created this website as a central place - a showroom - for my artistic endeavors. Just keep in mind that I do this in my spare time, therefore the frequency and amount of new content might vary dramatically. But maybe, someday... the hobby might actually turn into a full-time profession. That dream will always persist.

I wish you all the best