Tono Alberto


Tono Alberto is a current Ph.D. Candidate at Stanford University under the supervision of Kumagai Professor Martin Fischer  in Civil Environmental Engineering and Professor Jiajun Wu, Professor Leonidas Guibas, and Professor James Landay in Computer Science.  Furthermore, he is the founder of the Computational Design Institute, where he is exploring ways in which the convergence between Digital and Humanities can facilitate cross-pollination between different industries. Following this mission, he became a Stanford HAI Graduate Fellow researching Human-Centered AI solutions for augmenting and amplifying human capabilities with the design process. 

He served as an AI Research Scientist at Autodesk and Computational Design Leader in Architectural and Engineering organizations, receiving the O1 visa for outstanding abilities with both HOK and HDR. Tono obtained his Masters's in Building Engineering - Architecture from the University of Padua. During his period at the Harbin Institute of Technology (China) he explored computational design and deep learning applications since 2014. Furthermore, he is improving Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design and Construction (BIM/VDC) workflows within a statistical framework to optimize the sustainability impact of these processes. Hence, Tono is LEED AP certified. He is an international multi-award-winning "hacker" and speaker, and his work within Architecture and Artificial Intelligence brought him to companies in China, the Netherlands, Italy, and California. Thanks to his multidisciplinary approach, he worked as Data Scientist and Geometric Deep Learning Researcher in a tech startup, helping to raise over 80 Million while working on 3D Search and Monocular 3D Shape Retrieval and Generation problems with Deep Generative Models. 

With his wife Hannah Tono, they established the CDI's Dreamship Research Program focused on Pediatric Palliative Care hospices and immersive technologies.