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The Colour of Cold Blood is the third Sebastian Foxley medieval mystery, and the second full length novel. Set in the dark, threatening streets of medieval London - follow the battle between church and state, as Seb tries to discover who is murdering the young women of Cheapside.

Pub: MadeGlobal Publishing - (22 Mar 2017)

5.0 out of 5 stars "... If you love clever plots, witty characters, and scenes which feel so real you can almost walk right into [them]... read this book!"

The Colour of Gold is a short story from the Seb Foxley series - A medieval wedding should be a splendid occasion, especially when a royal guest is expected, yet the day begins with disaster when a valuable item goes missing. From the lowliest street urchin to the highest nobility, who could be the thief?

Pub: MadeGlobal Publishing (4 Jan 2017)

The Colour of Poison The first Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mystery. The narrow, stinking streets of medieval London can be a dangerous place. Burglary, arson, kidnapping and murder are every-day events. The streets even echo with rumours of the mysterious art of alchemy being used to make gold for the King.

Pub: MadeGlobal Publishing; (16 Feb. 2016)


Alongside the coronations, diplomacy and battles, here can be found the fabric of real medieval life. With a diverse range of entries – one for each day of the year – this is an almanac for lovers of all things medieval. A detailed picture of medieval England gathered from original sources.

Pub: Amberley Publishing (22 May 2016)

Medieval Medicine: Its Mysteries and Science The phrase 'Medieval Medicine' conjures up horrors for us with our modern ideas on hygiene, instant pain relief and effective treatments. Although no one could allay the dread of plague, the medical profession could provide cures of sorts as well as cosmetics, sanitary products, dietary advice and horoscopes. (NB This is the paperback version of Dragon's Blood & Willow Bark...)

Pub: Amberley Publishing; (15 April 2016)

Dragon's Blood & Willow Bark - Medieval Surgeons performed life-saving procedures, sometimes even using anaesthetics, they knew a few tricks to lessen the scarring, too. Yet alongside such expertise, some still believed that unicorns and dragons provided cures for many diseases. No animals, large, furry or mythological, were harmed during research for this book. (NB This is the hardback version of Medieval Medicine)

Pub: Amberley Publishing (16 April 2015)

Everyday Life in Medieval London Abandoned by the Romans, rebuilt by the Saxons, occupied by the Vikings and reconstructed by the Normans, London would become the largest trade and financial centre, dominating the world in later centuries.

" ... an excellent book full of riches - extremely informative, insightful and entertaining in equal measure." London Blue Badge Guide

Pub: PB Amberley Publishing (15 May 2015) HB Amberley Publishing (15 Mar 2014 )

The Medieval Housewife In the past, historians have tended to look at what women could not do. In this book we will look at the lives of medieval women in a more positive light, finding out what rights and opportunities they enjoyed and attempting to uncover the real women beneath the layers of dust accumulated over the centuries.

Pub: Amberley Publishing (15 Nov 2014)

Richard III King of Controversy is based on over 30 years of personal research as a member of the Richard III Society. Updated in 2015 this 40 page book with colour illustrations, is an introduction to the life and controversies surrounding one of England's best known Kings

Pub: Echoes from History (1 May 2013) updated 1 March 2015

Dare they be Doctors is the fascinating tale of the determined young Victorian women who overcame endless obstacles and discrimination to succeed in a man's world.

Pub: Echoes from History (1 April 2013)

Mrs Beeton's Victorian Christmas

Pub: Echoes from History (1 April 2012)

Medieval Housewives and Women of the Middle-Ages This 80 page paperback was my first book and is the basis of the book of the same title later republished by Amberley in 2014.

Pub: Echoes from History (1 May 2007)

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