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The Colour of Rubies

Murder lurks at the heart of the royal court in the rabbit warren of the Palace of Westminster. The year is 1480. Treason is afoot amongst the squalid grandeur and opulent filth of this medieval world of contrasts. Even the Office of the King’s Secretary hides a dangerous secret.

Meeting with lords and lackeys, clerks, courtiers and the mighty King Edward himself, can Seb Foxley decipher the encoded messages and name the spy?

Will Seb be able to prevent the murder of the most important heir in England?

All will be revealed as we join Seb Foxley and his abrasive brother Jude in the latest intriguing adventure amid the sordid shadows of fifteenth-century London.

Praise for Toni Mount's Colour of Rubies

"An evocative masterclass in storytelling." - Tony Riches, author of The Tudor Trilogy

"It’s superb. What a plot. What characters" - Carol McGrath, author of the She-wolves trilogy

The Colour of Evil

Every Londoner has money worries. Seb Foxley, talented artist and some-time sleuth, is no exception but when fellow indebted craftsmen are found dead in the most horrible circumstances, fears escalate. Only Seb can solve the puzzles that baffle the authorities and help Bailiff Thaddeus Turner to track down and apprehend the villains.

When Seb’s wayward, elder brother, Jude, returns, unannounced, from Italy with a child-bride upon his arm, shock turns to dismay as life becomes more complicated and troubles multiply.

From counterfeit coins to deadly darkness in the worst corners of London, from mysterious thefts to attacks of murderous intent – Seb finds himself embroiled at every turn. With a royal commission to fulfil and heartache to resolve, can our hero win through against the odds?

Share Seb Foxley’s latest adventures in the filthy streets of medieval London, join in the Midsummer festivities and meet his fellow citizens, both the respectable and the villainous.

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The Colour of Evil Guest Blog Tour 15-24th March - see also attached 'banners'

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22 March - An Interview with Seb Foxley, artist, scrivener and amateur sleuth of Paternoster Row in the City of London

24 March - The Root of all Evil – Money to spend in Medieval London

March 29th - April 2nd Coffee Pot Book Club – 10 stop book excerpt blog tour

The Colour of Shadows

When Seb Foxley discovers a child’s body in his workshop and another lad goes missing, our medieval sleuth is perplexed at every turn. His investigations take him across London Bridge to Bankside in Southwark, where he becomes embroiled in the sinister shadows of the city’s underworld. Bankside is a labyrinth of depravity and crime where every harlot intends the downfall of respectable men and every scoundrel has a secret. In a netherworld unlike anything he’s experienced before, can Seb unravel the murky mysteries of The Mermaid Tavern, recover the stolen lad and restore him to his family?

Meanwhile, all is not as it should be in the Foxley household and lives are in danger as Seb’s old nemesis returns to London. More than one noble lord is mad, bad and dangerous to know. About to become a father for the second time, Seb is arrested as a murder suspect. With his apprentices behaving badly, how is our hero ever going to win the day?

The Colour of Lies

It is late summer and London is all a-bustle for St Bartholomew’s Fayre, with merchants arriving from faraway lands. When an old friend returns with fabulous items for sale, it can only mean one thing: trouble. As thievery, revenge and murder stalk the fayre, Sebastian Foxley – artist and sometime-sleuth – has mysteries to solve.

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In uncovering the answers, he becomes enmeshed in a web of lies and falsehoods. His greatest dilemma means having to choose between upholding honour and justice or saving those dearest to him. How can a truly honest citizen of London practise deceit and yet live with his conscience?

My seventh Sebastian Foxley medieval murder mystery takes us deep into a dark world once again.

The Colour of Death

Seb Foxley has been forced to flee medieval London to escape his enemies and find a safe haven in an isolated village. Yet this idyllic rural setting has its own murderous secrets and a terrible crime requires our hero to play the sleuth once more.

Even away from London, Seb and Emily are not safe as their enemies are closer than they know and danger lurks at every turn.

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The Death Collector

More dastardly than Jack the Ripper; more vile than a London Particular, an arch-fiend prowls the Victorian city streets. Nobody is safe from his experiments, whether peer or prostitute, preacher or policeman in this murderous melodrama. Will Inspector Albert Sutton, aided by his wife Nell and her cat, unmask and apprehend the heartless serial killer, or will they become the next novelty specimens of the Death Collector?

In this riveting new murder mystery, Toni Mount explores the darker side of Victorian London, creating a gripping thriller packed with shocking murders, unexpected twists and chilling suspense.

Pub. MadeGlobal Publishing June 2018

  • 5 Stars - Engrossing, entertaining, surprising.

  • 5 Stars - this revolting killer takes that to another level

  • 5 Stars - Suspense and intrigue... Another riveting read

  • 5 Stars - Dark, gripping and in some ways disturbing..

  • 5 stars - Not so much who done it, rather than how are they going to stop him?

The Colour of Murder In 1478, London is not safe, whether for princes or commoners. A wealthy merchant is killed; a royal duke dies at the Tower but in neither case is the matter quite as it seems. Seb Foxley, an intrepid young artist, finds himself in the darkest of places, fleeing for his life. With foul deeds afoot at the king’s court and his wife Emily pregnant, can Seb unearth the secrets which others would prefer to keep hidden?

Pub: MadeGlobal Publishing Feb 2018

The Colour of Betrayal

As medieval Londoners prepare for a joyous Christmas, a goldsmith, Lawrence Ducket, is involved in a street brawl. Fearful that his opponent is dying of his injuries, Lawrence seeks sanctuary in a church nearby. Later, he is found hanging from the rafters. Was it suicide? The artist-cum-sleuth, Sebastian Foxley, is unconvinced but why is young Jack, so terrified that he takes to his bed? In the midst of feasting, merriment and religious festivals, Seb is determined to solve the mystery of his friend’s death and quell Jack’s fears.

Pub: MadeGlobal Publishing (2 Oct 2017)

The Colour of Cold Blood is the third Sebastian Foxley medieval mystery, and the second full length novel. Set in the dark, threatening streets of medieval London - follow the battle between church and state, as Seb tries to discover who is murdering the young women of Cheapside.

Pub: MadeGlobal Publishing - (22 Mar 2017)

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars "... If you love clever plots, witty characters, and scenes which feel so real you can almost walk right into [them]... read this book!"

The Colour of Gold is a short story from the Seb Foxley series - A medieval wedding should be a splendid occasion, especially when a royal guest is expected, yet the day begins with disaster when a valuable item goes missing. From the lowliest street urchin to the highest nobility, who could be the thief?

Pub: MadeGlobal Publishing (4 Jan 2017)

The Colour of Poison The first Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mystery. The narrow, stinking streets of medieval London can be a dangerous place. Burglary, arson, kidnapping and murder are every-day events. The streets even echo with rumours of the mysterious art of alchemy being used to make gold for the King.

Pub: MadeGlobal Publishing; (16 Feb. 2016)

Author Interview

How have you been able to continue the drama of your series?

My characters do all the hard work. Stephen King, the author of so many thrillers and suspense novels, says he dreams up a character, puts them in a situation and sees what they do. That’s about it for me too. I put a couple of my characters together and let them get on with it. For example, when, in ‘Cold Blood’, Emily wasn’t the perfect wife to Seb, I never planned it that way. Emily’s character just went her own. I think real marriages are often like that – relationships aren’t always quite as you expect. Besides, where is the suspense if everything is wonderful? Medieval life was as full of unexpected twists and turns, just as life today. Characters keep secrets, not only from each other but, just occasionally, from the reader too.

Who is your favourite character?

My favourite character has to be Seb, of course. If I don’t love my hero, then the reader probably won’t either. Having said that, I have more fun with the secondary characters. Gabriel Widowson, that man of mystery with a certain something that so appeals to women – I did enjoy working with him as I was never sure what would happen next. And what about his ‘relationship’ with Emily? That was intriguing and I’m still not sure quite how far they went – that’s one of those secrets I mentioned. What about Seb and Rose? Were those reading lessons as innocent as Seb claimed? He was certainly attracted to her and now she lives under the same roof. Will anything happen? That’s another mystery for a future story! Just think medieval Eastenders and the dramatic possibilities are endless. Villainous characters are great fun to write as well. Father Hugh Wessell amused me no end, the pompous, nasty piece of work. Way back in Poison, Lord Lovell surprised me. As some readers have pointed out, historically, Lovell was Richard of Gloucester’s best mate: how could he be a baddie? I’m afraid that was his doing, not mine. My characters rule: I just type their stories.

Why does medieval crime attract you?

I am fascinated by medieval social history and I can’t resist a good crime thriller. Put the two together and you’ve got medieval crime. There are many fascinating cases in Court Rolls and Coroners’ Rolls throughout the medieval and early Tudor periods to give me inspiration. Sometimes, they only describe the crime committed – often in minute detail – but don’t say whether the accused was found guilty or not. Otherwise, the accused may be sentenced but his crime not explained. It is just down to luck as to which documents happen to have survived. The result is a huge supply of half-told stories, all waiting to have the mysterious gaps explained. I also enjoy the challenge of writing about the very primitive methods then available to aid in solving crimes: no forensic medicine, no DNA analysis, no psychological profiling [all of which is cheating a bit!] although there was use of fingerprinting in Poison, just about. There is only Seb with his artist’s eye for detail, clever brain and knowledge of human weaknesses. Plenty of scope for suspense and mystery in my medieval tales of murder.


This useful guide is a vital accessory when you next visit the Middle-Ages. How will you manage without your mobile phone, internet or social media? When transport means walking or, for the better off, horse-back, how will you know where you are or where to go? Where will you live and what should you eat?

What if you fall ill or are mugged in the street?

All these questions and many more are answered in this new self-help guide: How to Survive in Medieval England comes with top-tips to make your visit to the Middle Ages much more fun; have a go at preparing medieval dishes and learn some new words to set the mood for your adventure.

PLUS unique interviews with the celebrities of the day, from a successful business woman and a condemned felon, to a royal cook and a very controversial King Richard III.

Have an exciting visit to medieval England but be sure to keep this book to hand - coming soon

How to Survive ... blog tour

The World of Isaac Newton is available now

For nine decades, Isaac Newton bestrode the world of science, becoming a colossus of experimentation, discovery and philosophy. How did a seventeenth-century Lincolnshire farm-boy become one of the most influential scientists of all time, his work still relevant to us today and for our future? This fascinating new biography explores not only Newton’s world and his times but the earlier ideas that were the foundation for his breakthroughs in science and those people around him who influenced his work. His later career at the Royal Mint and his heretical views on religion are considered as extensions of his philosophical thoughts. From school mathematics to space exploration, from laser surgical techniques to artificial intelligence, Newton is here in our everyday lives: the man who changed the world.

You can order here

Alongside the coronations, diplomacy and battles, here can be found the fabric of real medieval life. With a diverse range of entries – one for each day of the year – this is an almanac for lovers of all things medieval. A detailed picture of medieval England gathered from original sources.

Pub: Amberley Publishing (22 May 2016)

    • Published in paperback on 15th October 2019 - order here

Medieval Medicine: Its Mysteries and Science The phrase 'Medieval Medicine' conjures up horrors for us with our modern ideas on hygiene, instant pain relief and effective treatments. Although no one could allay the dread of plague, the medical profession could provide cures of sorts as well as cosmetics, sanitary products, dietary advice and horoscopes. (NB This is the paperback version of Dragon's Blood & Willow Bark...)

Pub: Amberley Publishing; (15 April 2016)

Dragon's Blood & Willow Bark - Medieval Surgeons performed life-saving procedures, sometimes even using anaesthetics, they knew a few tricks to lessen the scarring, too. Yet alongside such expertise, some still believed that unicorns and dragons provided cures for many diseases. No animals, large, furry or mythological, were harmed during research for this book. (NB This is the hardback version of Medieval Medicine)

Pub: Amberley Publishing (16 April 2015)

Everyday Life in Medieval London Abandoned by the Romans, rebuilt by the Saxons, occupied by the Vikings and reconstructed by the Normans, London would become the largest trade and financial centre, dominating the world in later centuries.

" ... an excellent book full of riches - extremely informative, insightful and entertaining in equal measure." London Blue Badge Guide

Pub: PB Amberley Publishing (15 May 2015)

HB Amberley Publishing (15 Mar 2014 )

The Medieval Housewife In the past, historians have tended to look at what women could not do. In this book we will look at the lives of medieval women in a more positive light, finding out what rights and opportunities they enjoyed and attempting to uncover the real women beneath the layers of dust accumulated over the centuries.

Pub: Amberley Publishing (15 Nov 2014)

Richard III King of Controversy is based on over 30 years of personal research as a member of the Richard III Society. Updated in 2015 this 40 page book with colour illustrations, is an introduction to the life and controversies surrounding one of England's best known Kings

Pub: Echoes from History (1 Mar 2015)

First Published 1 March 2013

Dare they be Doctors is the fascinating tale of the determined young Victorian women who overcame endless obstacles and discrimination to succeed in a man's world.

Pub: Echoes from History (1 April 2013)

Mrs Beeton's Victorian Christmas

Pub: Echoes from History (1 April 2012)

Medieval Housewives and Women of the Middle-Ages This 80 page paperback was my first book and is the basis of the book of the same title later republished by Amberley in 2014.

Pub: Echoes from History (1 May 2007)

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