TomTom Update - Install or Update a TomTom Map

TomTom is a multinational company that creates a great range of location-based products. It includes various GPS devices for cars and bikes; Rider 4GD00, TomTom Go 520, and more. Along with developing the GPS devices, it also offers fitness devices; TomTom Sports App, Fitness Tracker, and more. To add new/latest features to the GPS devices, the users should update their TomTom devices time-to-time. TomTom Update fixes the bugs to provide a better experience to users. Hence, all users must update their TomTom devices to avail latest features. To perform the TomTom Update procedure, the users first need to download the TomTom device they want to update. This write-up includes the features of TomTom and a step-by-step method to update the TomTom device. In addition to this, It also consists of a list of TomTom errors and ways to solve them.

TomTom Features

TomTom is famous for providing one of the best GPS services and is preferred by almost everyone. Along with this, TomTom also provides the latest features to its users.

  • Supports Bluetooth:

The GPS devices of TomTom support Bluetooth that allows users to connect their device with Bluetooth to reach their destination by listening to the GPS device’s guidelines.

  • Vocal Guidance:

With the vocal guidance of the TomTom GPS service, the driver/users can listen to the spoken directions and follow the guidelines to reach the destination safely.

  • Storage capacity:

TomTom devices offer ample space to store maps.

  • Sharp graphics:

TomTom offers quality products to its users and boasts a slim design and sharp graphics.

Guidelines for TomTom Update

On the TomTom GPS devices, the users can manage their contents. TomTom Update adds the latest features to the device and fixes the bugs to provide a better experience. The users need to install the MyDrive application on their device before proceeding with the update process. Therefore, the users are recommended to follow the steps given below to perform the TomTom Update.

Note: The users will not be able to perform the below steps if they don't have the GPS device. Hence, the users must install the TomTom GPS device to begin with, the Update process.

  • Firstly, the users are recommended to make sure that the MyDrive application is installed on their device.

  • Next, the users should connect the navigation device to the system with a USB Cable.

  • Now, the MyDrive application will search the suitable update automatically.

  • After that, the login screen will get open to finish the login process.

  • Next, the users must log in to the TomTom account with the login details for further procedure.

  • Once the users access the TomTom account, they can choose how they want to update the TomTom GPS device.

Therefore, the users can efficiently perform the TomTom Update procedure with just a few steps. Hence, the users are suggested to follow the steps given above to update their TomTom device. If the users face issues while updating their device, they must contact the customer support team to solve their problems.

Common TomTom Errors

The users may face errors while installing or updating the TomTom devices. This section includes a list of some common errors that can occur in TomTom. Hence, the users are advised to go through the following points for the same.

  • Unable to find a suitable update.

  • TomTom GPS device’s screen hangs.

  • Memory card not compatible.

  • GPS device unable to detect satellite signals.

  • Issue while installing or downloading the TomTom Update.

If the users encounter any of the above issues, they must contact the customer support experts to solve their problems.

How to Solve TomTom Errors?

This section includes how the users can try to resolve the TomTom errors. Therefore, if the users come across any of the above section issues, they are suggested to go through the below points.

  • The users are suggested to check that they are using the latest version of the MyDrive Connect.

  • The users should make sure that the TomTom GPS device is connected correctly to the MyDrive Connect.

  • The users must use a stable internet connection.

  • The users should also ensure that the MyDrive Connect is accessed to the Internet connection.

  • The users can again try to execute the installation and download procedure via MyDrive Connect.

If the errors are still not solved, the users must contact the customer support expert team of TomTom to get a solution.

This write-up includes the features of TomTom and the procedure to perform the TomTom Update. It also has a list of common TomTom errors users come across and ways to solve them.