TomTom Home - How to Install TomTom Home on macOS

TomTom is a multinational company that develops and creates location technology. They use GPS receivers to show the exact location and provide spoken and visual directions. TomTom is famous for producing the best location-based products that help people in navigation. Moreover, the company keeps updating the GPS device to make it easier for users to use it.

TomTom Home is a tool for GPS navigation systems. It helps people manage their content on different TomTom devices. Apart from developing the GPS devices, TomTom also offers some fitness devices. In this write-up, we'll discuss how to install TomTom Home on macOS devices. In addition to this, we've also provided the steps to update TomTom devices via TomTom Home and how to resolve the errors of TomTom.

How to Install TomTom Home on macOS

Installing TomTom Home on macOS devices is very simple and easy. Users can install the TomTom Home on their macOS by following the guidelines given below.

Note: Before installing the TomTom Home, users need to download the file on their device.

  • Firstly, users are suggested to open the web browser on their device.

  • After that, go to the Address bar of the page and search for TomTom Home's official site.

  • After reaching the official page of TomTom Home, tap on the “Download” option to download the new version of the TomTom Home.

  • Next, users should select the “Finder” icon to switch to the finder.

  • Tap on “Menu” placed on the upper side of the screen and click the “Go” and “Downloads” button to open the downloads folder.

  • After this, users need to double-click on the TomTomHOME2maclatest.dmg link.

  • After that, users are suggested to double-click on the MacLatest.pkg link given on the screen.

  • The TomTom Home installer will open on the screen.

  • Tap on the “Continue” option.

  • After that, users are suggested to click on the link and read the user license agreement carefully.

  • After this, users are suggested to tick the box to agree with the user license agreement and tap on the “Continue” button.

  • Now, click on the “Install” option.

  • Lastly, users are suggested to write their admin password and tap on the “Install Software” button.

  • Therefore, TomTom Home will get installed on the user’s macOS device by following the above procedure.

How to update TomTom devices using TomTom Home

In this section of the write-up, we've provided the steps to update the TomTom device via TomTom Home. Users must follow the steps given below to update their TomTom device using TomTom Home.

  • Firstly, users are suggested to connect their TomTom device with the system/computer using a USB cable.

  • After that, turn the TomTom device “ON” and wait for the TomTom Home application to launch.

  • Note: If the users have not installed the TomTom Home on their computer, they should download the software from

  • After that, users are suggested to tap on the “Update My Device” given on the home screen of TomTom Home.

  • After this, if new updates are available, click on the “Download Updates.”

  • Note: The TomTom Home will install the update on the user's device.

  • Select the “Done” button when the update is complete.

  • After that, click on the “Device” button and then the “Disconnect Device” given on the Home screen.

  • Lastly, users are suggested to disconnect the TomTom from their computer/system.

Hence, users can easily update their TomTom device via TomTom Home.

Errors in TomTom

Users may come across some errors while using the TomTom devices due to various reasons. In this section, we have listed the most common TomTom errors encountered by users.

  • The GPS device fails to detect the signals of the satellite.

  • Error while installing TomTom update.

  • Unable to find a suitable update for the model.

  • TomTom GPS device screen hangs.

  • Problem with the memory card compatibility.

How to resolve TomTom Errors

If users face any of the errors given in above section while using the TomTom device, they should try the following ways to resolve the issues:

  • Users should make sure that they’re using the new version of MyDrive Connect.

  • Make sure that the TomTom GPS device is connected with the MyDrive Connect.

  • Users are suggested to use a stable internet connection to avoid errors.

  • Make sure that MyDrive Connect is connected to the Internet.

  • Users should also try to download and install the updates again via MyDrive Connect to solve the errors.

Note: If the issues are still not solved, users must contact the customer support experts to solve their problems in no time.

In this write-up, we have provided the steps to install TomTom and how to update its devices using TomTom Home. We have also included the list of most common TomTom errors and steps to resolve them.