TomTom Home - Map Downloading Process Using TomTom Home

TomTom is one of the best navigation systems that facilitate the users to have quick and smooth access to the navigation of the route. If we talk about the best GPS device, then there is no match with TomTom. However, the device starts showing a few issues sometimes, but that you can fix with just an update of the version.

Usually, TomTom makes regular updates in systems that include new routes, maps, and roads. As a result, the users get ease every time they move out to reach a new destination. If you also own a TomTom device and look for the procedure to download a map on your device with a system, this reading will help you.

Here we will update the detailed procedure of downloading a map on your device with TomTom Home with some points that you must remember while performing the process. However, before we initiate the process of map downloading, first, we will shed some light on the brief about TomTom Home.

What is the TomTom Home?

TomTom Home is one of the convenient, effective, and comprehensive applications that come in handy to help the users manage their content on the TomTom device. Taking its help, one can easily download and update maps to get all new routes and changes information. Also, the content management on the TomTom navigation device includes documents and photos too.

Map Downloading Process Using TomTom Home

First of all, we would like to update the users that map downloading may take up to few hours. It depends on your internet speed and the size of the map that you are downloading.

Here are the easy instructions for you to proceed with:

  • First, we advise the users to turn off the standby or hibernation modes on their system.

  • Doing this will prevent the interruptions that might occur during the map downloading process through the TomTome Home.

  • Remember, if you are using a laptop for this process, then connect it to a power supply first. The process may be time taking, and you will need the power to keep your laptop on during the map downloading process.

  • Also, if the firewall asks for permission, you have to allow TomTom Home access to the internet to facilitate the downloading process.

  • Then, click on the 'login' option visible on the top right-hand corner in TomTom Home.

  • After that, input your username and password.

  • Next, hit the 'log in' option.

  • Remember, you have to ensure that you are using the same account that you had used to buy the map.

  • Further, hit the option 'update my device' in TomTom Home.

  • As a result, a new map in the list of updates will display on the screen.

  • Hence, click on the 'update and install' option.

  • Now, click on the 'done' button once the map downloading process finishes.

After that, tap the blue eject button that you will get in the bottom right of your TomTom Home. As a result, you can safely disconnect the device. Further, disconnect the device from your system. Now, your device is ready to use the new map.

Points to Remember While You Download a Map Using the TomTom Home

  • If you receive a server time-out notification, that means the connection between your TomTom Home and device is not sustainable. Therefore, you need to enable a robust and stable connection first. Only after that, re-start the map downloading process.

  • However, if this issue occurs at the starting of the download, it may be caused by a firewall setting. It may block TomTom Home from connecting to the TomTom Home servers. Hence, you can resolve the same with modifications in firewall settings.

  • Despite this, if the error notification appears after a few hours of the ongoing downloading process, then it may be due to a slow download speed. This issue occurs due to a firewall blocking or impeding the download process. Also, it could simply be the cause of a slow internet connection.

In this reading piece, we have covered a simple procedure to help the readers carry on the map downloading process on their devices using the TomTom Home. Also, they are recommended to consider the points which we have given to remember. Accordingly, the users will not face issues during the map downloading process.