Amanda-River Mead

Interactions between Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla) chicks in the nest

Bio: I graduated from Plymouth with a degree in Psychology in 2001 and subsequently worked in mental health and social services. I also hold a Graduate Diploma in Law.

At Middlesex I am currently undertaking a Masters by Research in Evolutionary Behavioural Science under the guidance of the ever patient Professor Tom Dickins.

Project: My research will look at behaviours of Kittiwake chicks in the nest and more specifically:

  1. The dynamics of alpha and beta chick interactions both with one another and comparatively with their parent.
  2. Frequency of interactions and feeding for the alpha and beta chick and in particular a comparison when the clutch has produced an alpha chick and no further siblings.
  3. Instances of siblicide and sequences of behaviour that lead up to its occurrence.

Data will be collected during the 2020 breeding season observing a colony on Lundy Island and from a bank of pre-existing video footage from the same site taken in 2019 by my colleagues. In this way we hope to capture any between year changes as well as broaden the data set.

I am very much looking forward to stepping out of the office to do field work and am assured that my colleague knows how to set up the tent!

Contact: AM3424 AT