Virtual Reality Development

Daily cognitive workout of fun VR games designed to help train your cognitive skills.

Mobile App Development

In Shop in Porto you can find the shop you are looking for according to the product or service you want to buy at any given time, according to its geographical location, the meaning of the store in the city's history, or according to promotions, campaigns and special offers that the merchant wants to promote.

Keep up with the latest news, brands, speakers or tickets for the event that has the confidence of the architects and sets the agenda of Architecture in Portugal!

BA Glass Catalogue includes a list of all standard models available for production.

The "Booking" of the car workshops.

Video Games Development

Beetle's Land is a 2D singleplayer game for Android and IOS devices. The player controls a beetle that goes around the world in search for the lost past of his Kind, discovering he and his friends can learn how to fly again. 
‘Between Me and The Night' is a surrealist action adventure game that walks the thin path between sanity and madness. Take on the role of a young boy and explore and interact with the mysterious house in which he lives. 
Energy town game type it’s a Management Clicker Serious Game. The Player will have to manage energy policies and technologies within a scenario where populations have needs.

This game was developed for the Coding Blocks Game Jam 22 with the theme of  "It's Following Me". 

This game was developed for the GDBAY Hyper Casual Jam Com with the theme of  "Feeling". 

This game was developed for the Wowie Jam 4.0 with the theme of  "Collaborate with AI". 

This game was developed for the ScoreSpace Jam #23 with the theme of  "Survival". 

Public Repositories


YouTube Video Series

Video series about implementing a Space Invaders clone in Scratch.

Video series about implementing a Frogger clone using Stencyl.

Video series about how to move from Scratch Programming into Visual Scripting in Unity.

Video series about implementing an Odds and Evens console game in C#.

Video series with bite sized lessons about C# fundamental concepts.

Video series about understanding Object-Oriented Programming in C#.