Issues I am concerned about


The town of Poughkeepsie pays the most in taxes out of all the towns in Dutchess County. We must find ways to lower the burden on town residents. I am committed to finding real solutions so that we can have a town that is open to everyone.

Economic Development:

As your town councilman, I will support economic development in the town that makes sense and will help move the town forward. This should be the result of a clearly stated plan which outlines the goals for future development in the town.

Recreational Opportunities:

The town of Poughkeepsie does have some facilities for the use and enjoyment of its residents, but more is needed in this area. I have a particular interest in facilities and programs which are designed for youth. Our young people are our future, and we should provide safe places for them to grow and share common interests. A youth center would be a great addition to the town. We can and we should do more for our youth.

A Greener Poughkeepsie:

We have a responsibility to the future citizens of Poughkeepsie to make sure we are using our resources in a way that is financially and environmentally responsible. We must pursue energy conservation initiatives at all town facilities and encourage others to do the same. We should think creatively about working with other municipalities to operate programs in a cost effective way that reduces our footprint in our beautiful Hudson Valley.