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Seeking Communications Committee Members

Tokyo JALT is seeking 1-2 additional volunteers for the Communications Committee. Communications Committee Members DO NOT need to be a current member of JALT to apply or to serve as a member. These would be perfect positions for a current ALT, JET, or an eikaiwa or corporate employee. Former ALTs, JETs, and Japanese-speaking volunteers are especially encouraged to apply.

Communications Committee Members will be in charge of: receiving, writing, and proof-reading communications related to events and news, including a monthly newsletter, monthly promotional flyer, and monthly reminders; collecting and organizing internal and external communications; liaising with external vendors (e.g., advertisers, printing companies); and completing a short annual report.

This position will provide an excellent opportunity to increase knowledge and skills in a fast-paced volunteer setting. As a volunteer for the largest JALT Chapter, the position will also provide opportunities for CV building, networking, and career advancement.

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