Keep all tokens in one wallet

Send to friends & family


Create your own

Reward & Accept tokens

Send tokens to friends

Easy and fun way to send tokens to friends and family. Send to email for those who don’t have Tokentrade account yet

Send tokens to a Tokentrade user

Send tokens to email, even if user doesn't have Tokentrade account yet

Or, send tokens via QR code. Receiver just scans the code to get tokens


Take existing exchange offers or create your own custom BUY or SELL orders like on any other exchange

Custom offer to sell 12 COFFEE tokens for one GTRON token

Custom offer to buy 10 MONSTJ tokens and pay with 1 AMZG

Selling 1 AMZG in exchange to what is already available on the exchange

Create your own token

Easy way to create your own token and optionally deploy to Ethereum blockchain as ERC20

Create token in under 30 seconds

Optionally deploy to Ethereum as ERC-20

Once deployed to Ethereum, tokens can be deposited from outside

...and withdrawn to an external wallet (i.e. MetaMask)

Reward & Accept tokens

Businesses can reward and accept tokens from their customers using included Tokentrade POS terminal

Create reward for your customer

Customer scans the QR code to accept reward

Accept payment from your customer

Customer scans the QR code to pay in tokens