Call For Entries

We're open and welcome to submissions from scholars from a variety of backgrounds, including those from (non-toilet) game studies, queer studies, science and technology studies, cultural studies, and beyond. Please submit!

What's the criteria?

  • The article must include game toilets (virtual toilets within a game). However, this is open as the game doesn't need to be digital. For Instance if you were to write a close study on toilets within Sleep No More or any other in real life "game" (pervasive, alternate reality game that would be also be valid).
  • The article should be between 1000 - 6000 words in length. (can be exceptions)
  • The article must contain some consistent method of siting sources and a works cited / bibliography (if applicable).

We welcome submissions dealing with the aesthetic, cultural and communicative aspects of game toilets. We encourage interdisciplinary approaches to game toilets and diversity in opinion on game toilets. All submissions will undergo peer review. Please send your article in the .pdf format and after it is reviewed you will receive an email notification on the opinion of the reviewers and possibly changes that need to be made in order to be best displayed on the website.

Submit your articles to:

contact (at)